'Dr.' Jill's Latest Actions Confirm All Is Not Well in the Biden White House

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As my RedState colleagues and I have noted before, that First Lady Jill Biden frequently plays director and Shover-in-Chief for supposed leader of the free world Joe Biden, when he appears lost and/or confused during public speaking engagements, is not new news.


But recent instances where “Dr.” Jill stepped in to run interference for Joe Biden in the midst of his classified documents scandal have put a finer point on Jill Biden’s sometimes domineering hold over Joe, at a time when the POTUS, who has faced questions throughout his presidency about his mental fitness to lead, hasn’t officially declared that he’s running for reelection–though rumors are swirling that he’ll do just that sometime in February.

They occurred Thursday during an AAPI Lunar New Year event at the White House. We touched on what happened at the time, but I wanted to revisit the issue because the symbolism was just eye-opening.

As Biden leaves the event, a reporter shouts a question at him; that’s one of the only ways they have left to reach the president, since he holds so few solo press conferences. He looks around, confused, but Jill Biden steps in and shoos the reporter away, while guiding Joe Biden away from actually having to interact with a member of the media:

Another disturbing moment occurred earlier, when Jill Biden, in a weird emcee role, all but literally dragged Biden onto the stage, mocking him after he suggested he might have to dance. She looks like she’s on pins and needles the entire time, like she’s terrified her husband is going to goof up:


As I’ve said previously, in a normal situation, a woman stepping in to protect and defend her aging husband, to make sure he’s not taken advantage of or made to look bad, is not a big deal. There are caregivers all across America who do just that every day with their spouses, and that’s okay.

But this is not a normal situation we’re talking about there. Joe Biden is the President of the United States, a position in which projecting strength and demonstrating the ability to communicate coherently and make your own decisions is paramount to your success, here at home and abroad, as well as with your international foes, who though they may not respect whoever the president is at any given time, do respect strength.

The New York Times hinted at this in an October 2022 piece, but I’ll just say it out loud: With each passing day, it becomes clearer that the person running this country isn’t Joe Biden but instead his aggressive handlers, with Jill Biden taking on the lead handler role. Considering there are polls out there that have indicated that a majority of the American people have questions about Biden’s physical and mental fitness to preside over this country, this is something that is going to be a key if not major issue going into 2024 for the Biden reelection campaign team.


So as Joe Biden would say, gird your loins because the excuses we’re going to hear from Biden’s campaign (including his cheerleaders in the press) and Biden himself, when the question comes up, are undoubtedly going to be some of the biggest insults to our intelligence ever.

Stay tuned.

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