Schiff Attacks Millions of Americans With Vile 'Deplorable' Statement, Trump Nails Him With Mic Drop

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There are few people in Congress more vile than the execrable Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). 

It's a true disgrace not only that he's still in office, but that he has the nerve to run for the Senate after all he did to spread the Russia collusion hoax.


He's still at it. He was attacking former President Donald Trump over his Manhattan conviction because he was disturbed that people view the lawfare as political. Not only are they still going to vote for Trump, but Trump is generally leading Joe Biden in polls, even in places that have been blue for some time like Virginia and Minnesota, as my colleague Bob Hoge wrote about earlier. 


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Then Schiff attacked the people in the party. 

“The party formally of the moral majority, is now, I suppose, trying to fashion some kind of immoral majority to reinstate Donald Trump as president,” he said in a rant.  

Can we talk about what a scummy human being he is, that he talks about millions of Americans in such a fashion? Imagine him thinking he has any credibility at all to talk about morality, after how he has behaved. Sounds like a bit of projection, except they're not the majority. 


And the Democrats wonder why they are losing ground with the American people. This is a redux of Hillary Clinton's "deplorables"  comment, which followed Barack Obama's "clinging to guns or religion" comment. Why would anyone vote for Democrats, when they treat Americans like this?  

They do that because they have nothing to offer in the way of policy that is better to attract voters, so all they can do is try to attack the other side and whip up fear. They're truly desperate, and afraid that Biden is going to lose to Trump. 

Oh, and how dare they vote for Trump and not Biden, that's "immoral" -- to Schiff. Some protecter of "democracy." They don't like when they get voted out of control. People are voting for Trump as they have every right to do, Adam, they're not "reinstating" him. 

Normally, I'm not a fan of the personal attack. But in Schiff's case and given what has been done to Trump, I think this comment from Trump during his Dr. Phil interview last week describing Schiff is fitting. And if anything, it's restrained. It's also pretty darn funny, and it completely nails, most importantly, what an unattractive guy Schiff is on the inside, as a human being: 


Oh, my, mic drop. 

"These are bad people," Trump said. 

He's certainly got that right, and they'll do anything to hold onto power. 


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