WATCH: Joe Biden Speech to Utah Veterans a Smorgasbord of Confusion and Weirdness

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Well, no day of the week would be complete without a report on Joe Biden‘s latest devolution into incoherency, and Thursday was no exception to that rule.


When last we left you, our fearless leader made a stop Wednesday for a speech in New Mexico, which was chock full of troubling and unsettling moments — and that does not even include when he was trying (and failing) to tout the supposed “successes” of Bidenomics and his climate change plan.

This was the event that preceded Biden losing it on Fox News reporter Peter Doocy for having the audacity to ask some questions about former Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer’s speakerphone allegations.

On Thursday, Biden was in Salt Lake City, Utah to brag about the one-year-old PACT Act, which is a law that “expands VA health care and benefits for Veterans exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances.”

I should note that though Biden’s trip out west was in part to promote his climate change agenda, he arrived with the customary amount of gas-guzzling vehicles in tow:

As per the norm, it didn’t take long for things to go downhill, as evidenced by the clips below. I’ll do my best to provide translations.


In this one, Biden declared that John Kerry, who is his “special presidential envoy for climate,” once won the nomination for president of the Democratic party. In actuality, Kerry won the 2004 Democratic nomination for president:

In another, Biden streeeetched the truth quite a bit about how many times he’d visited Iraq and Afghanistan:

At another point, we learned that Biden has at least once during his presidency “signed a pen”:

In this one, Biden oddly brags about how “wonderful” it is that his “bunch of grandchildren” (notice he’s still not saying the number?) and other family members have Secret Service protection. Left unspoken was whether that also applied to Navy Roberts, who Biden reportedly refused to provide Secret Service protection to back in June:


You know, when you see things like this, then you begin to understand more why his handlers like to keep him out of the public eye – or on vacation, which he’s been on off and on several times over the course of the summer. On the flip side, though, these are the types of basic things a president should be able to do with no problems but Biden continues to demonstrate that he is not up to the task.

I’ve asked the question before and will again: If Joe Biden Was *Trying* to Admit He Was Unfit for a Second Term, What Would He Be Doing Differently?

The answer, in my opinion? Absolutely nothing.

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