Joe Biden Loses It on Peter Doocy After Being Questioned About Infamous Phone Calls

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While Joe Biden is touring the West to push his climate change agenda, the president still faces a barrage of scandals back in Washington.

As RedState reported, even The New York Times was forced to finally admit that Biden has been lying about his interactions with his son’s business partners. As Devon Archer, who worked with Hunter Biden, recently testified, the now-president was on the phone during business meetings numerous times.


Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who just returned from vacation, had the guts to actually confront Joe Biden on the matter. That stands in stark contrast to the rest of the press, which steadfastly blacked out the revelations about the phone calls and in-person meetings.

Naturally, the president didn’t take it well, responding with the visceral anger he’s been known to express when cornered.

I was just waiting for Biden to shout “Look, fat!” during that exchange.

His anger is the giveaway. Whenever the president starts raising his voice and trying to demean reporters, you know he’s not telling the truth. In this case, Biden spent years insisting he wasn’t even aware of his son’s business dealings. We’ve known that wasn’t true for years, but Archer’s testimony about the phone calls, including the sheer number of them, put the cherry on top.


Contrary to Rep. Dan Goldman’s recent assertion, no normal person randomly shows up during a business meeting they have no part in order to talk about the weather. The situation is akin to a mafia boss who offers a wink-and-nod to those he’s shaking down. Joe Biden getting on the phone to talk about the “weather” is exactly what it looks like. It’s a way to say, “Yeah, I’m here and involved” while not getting one’s hands dirty.

Hunter Biden’s business associates were buying influence. That is the only reason they were paying the Biden family so much money. Sure enough, they got it in the most personal of ways, with Joe Biden himself interacting with them, sometimes even in person for long periods of time. There’s no way to gloss over that fact at this point. It’s too damning.

To recap, we’ve gone from Biden claiming he was completely unaware of his son’s business dealings to him saying he never discussed business with his son to him, and now admitting he was on the phone with Hunter Biden’s business associates. But they were only talking about the weather!


No one believes that, and no one should believe that. Calling Doocy’s question, which is highly relevant, a “lousy question” in a fit of rage just shows that Republicans are over the target and need to keep pushing the issue. The president is lashing out because he senses that the truth is going to fully come out. When it does, not even the left-wing media will be able to hide it.


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