Watch: Kamala Harris Piles on the ‘Bidenomics’ Cringe During Speech in D.C.

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Throughout the entirety of Joe Biden’s presidency so far, the microscope has been put on Kamala Harris‘ performance as vice president, not because she’s a woman (though her fans would disagree) but because Biden is 80 years old and questions about his age and health have persisted since 2019.


But if current polling trends are a reliable indicator, a majority of Americans continue to be unimpressed by Biden’s veep, something that is entirely understandable considering her penchant for awkward moments and cringe word salads that even her supporters sometimes have trouble deciphering.

Case in point, Harris’ appearance during an event Friday in Washington, D.C., where she gave a speech on the “Impacts of Bidenomics and Announcing Increasing Support for Small Businesses.”

There were problems throughout Harris’ speech, however, as the dreaded Kamala Cackle made an appearance multiple times, including one where she urged the audience to clap in a scene that was reminiscent of Jeb Bush’s infamous “please clap” moment during his failed 2016 presidential campaign.



At one point, Harris even cackled when she talked about being “very proud” of Bidenomics as though not even she could get the words out with a straight face.


As far as the Biden-Harris administration is concerned, it would be great going into 2024 if most Americans were also laughing about Bidenomics. Unfortunately for them, however, the polls indicate most people don’t find anything remotely funny about it – and that they blame Joe Biden for their current financial predicament.

Last but not least, no “cringe Kamala” post would be complete without a clip of Harris making a food purchase from a local vendor. Here, we see Harris chatting up a cheesemaker about what pairs good with cream cheese. Her response to the answer was straight out of LOLsville.

“Quite decadent!”



And to think that this is who Democrats want to present to the American people as ready, willing, and more than capable to lead in the event Joe Biden retires at the end of this term or, God forbid, has a health issue that requires the Vice President to step into his place. Sadly for his reelection team, Kamala Harris continues to demonstrate that their narratives about her will, like Joe Biden himself, have an uphill climb in terms of selling them to fed-up voters who have had just about enough of both of them — and for good reason.

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