BREAKING: Devon Archer Testifies Hunter Biden Put Joe Biden on Speakerphone With Business Partners Approx 20 Times, Dems Already Moving Goalposts

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

On the Sunday shows, Democrat Sen. Chris Coons – representing Delaware and a long-time Biden crony – laughably claimed there’s not a shred of evidence connecting Joe Biden with Hunter Biden’s business dealings, despite things like WhatsApp messages in which Hunter claimed he was sitting with his father while threatening business partners, and emails acknowledging meetings in Washington, D.C. between Hunter and business partners that Joe attended.


Last week it was revealed that Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer would testify that Hunter put Joe Biden on the phone during at least two dozen business calls, and Democrats pooh-poohed the importance of such testimony.

Archer, who was abandoned by the Biden family as he fought criminal fraud charges related to a business venture Hunter might have been involved in, is testifying before the House Judiciary Committee at the time of this writing, and Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) is the only Democrat in attendance. During a break between questions from Republican members in attendance (Jim Jordan and Andy Biggs), Jordan briefly told reporters that so far they’d learned new information and that it was productive but declined to elaborate.

Goldman, though, rushed to the cameras to start moving goalposts and making excuses. Goldman said that yes, Hunter might have put his father on the phone with business partners, but that the words exchanged were just “niceties” and that “there wasn’t a single conversation about any of the business dealings that Hunter had.”


So, what was the point of Joe being on these calls? He was the Vice President of the United States for eight of the years Archer’s testifying about; wasn’t he busy?

Goldman said that most of the time Joe Biden didn’t even know who Hunter was at dinner with, which kinda checks out.

When asked if Joe Biden’s statement that he never spoke to any of Hunter’s business associates, period, was contradicted by Archer’s testimony, Goldman started spinning. First he denied that Joe Biden ever said that, then said it would be rude for Joe to not at least say hello if Hunter called him during dinner or a meeting with a business associate and had him on speakerphone.


The reporter followed up by asking if Hunter calling his dad during these meetings was a sort of party trick, and that’s exactly what it seems like. I don’t know of a single successful businessman (or woman) who calls their parents during a meeting and puts them on speakerphone. Obviously, most people are not the child of a sitting Vice President, so it’s not an impressive or impactful introduction. It’s quite clear that Hunter did this to show that he could get his father on the phone at any moment and imply that a potential client or partner would be able to rely on that relationship with Joe. If Hunter had juice of his own accord, or if Joe Biden was not an integral part of whatever deal they were discussing, he wouldn’t need the party trick.

Given Goldman’s relationship with the truth, it’s likely that once we get the transcript of the interview (which should be later in the week) there will be a lot more to what was said than Goldman is allowing now, but it’s significant that he felt the need to run to the cameras and try to lower Democrat expectations of Archer’s testimony. When the testimony is fully concluded, Jordan will address reporters, and a more full picture of what Archer testified to should emerge.



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