One 45-Minute Stretch of Joe Biden’s Tuesday Schedule Raises Eyebrows - and Questions

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With President Joe Biden’s light summer schedule where he’s taken umpteen vacations including several weekend trips to Camp David with his embattled son, Hunter Biden, and at least three to Rehoboth Beach, the obvious question many of his critics have been asking is:


Does this guy ever work?

Unfortunately for Biden, those questions will only get louder once word gets out about what’s on his calendar for Tuesday, which is not only light but also includes a 45-minute lookout of the Grand Canyon:

Now if Biden was going to do a walking tour of parts of the Grand Canyon I might be willing to cut him some slack, because that terrain is not something your average 80-year-old can handle, especially not one with Biden’s rumored health issues.

But a lookout is just that – a lookout, and as far as I can tell is not something that should take 45 minutes. Then again, Biden is probably tired after his return from his latest vacation (note: this picture is photoshopped):

Relatedly, while Biden is enjoying a leisurely day out west touting his administration’s so-called accomplishments on the issue of “climate change,” he will also sit down for an “interview”… with the Weather Channel because of course he is:


I’m shocked, I tell you, simply shocked that Biden and his handlers chose to do an interview with an information channel that he can be assured will not ask him a single question about the Hunter Biden scandals, while being watched by an audience that probably doesn’t know (nor care) much about it anyway.

As the Biden White House’s least favorite Twitter account observed, it’s been close to a month since Biden has “meaningfully” answered any questions, and longer than that since he’s addressed anything related to the bribery and corruption allegations.

“The last time Joe Biden meaningfully answered questions from the press was on July 13 — almost an entire month ago,” RNC Research noted. “Biden STILL has not addressed the implosion of Hunter’s sweetheart deal, the bombshell testimony of Devon Archer, or the cocaine found in the White House.”


If this is what constitutes a “busy schedule,” then maybe more of us should consider a run for president. Because as Joe Biden has increasingly made clear, the perks of the job clearly outweigh the downside of having to do any of the actual work the purported leader of the free world is supposed to do.

Note: This post has been updated for clarity.

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