Videos TN Three's Justin Jones Doesn’t Want You to See Resurface After Reinstatement

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We’ve all done things in our lives that we regretted, said things we wished we could take back, have taken action on things in ways that we realize later on in life we probably shouldn’t have.


For radical left-wing activists-turned-lawmakers like Tennessee state Rep. Justin Jones (D), however, conducting oneself in dishonorable ways in order to force your beliefs on others is the point. And in his case (as it has been with so many other hardcore leftists), Jones has repeatedly learned that he will face no consequences for his abhorrent behavior (beyond previously getting temporarily banned from visiting the state capitol building from time to time) which, I dunno, might be why he keeps doing it.

Take, for instance, this 2020 incident involving Jones, then a violent Black Lives Matter activist, participating in one of the typical types of BLM/Antifa-led “protests” in the streets, trying to prevent cars from going by and using physical barriers if necessary to keep them from doing so.

In this instance, as the driver tried to go forward, you can see Jones use a traffic cone to stop the driver and then use it to hit the driver with it multiple times as he tried to drive away:

Jones, who later blamed the driver, faced multiple charges over the incident as well as related instances at other “protests” which involved jumping on top of a police vehicle and whipping an already angry mob into a frenzy, alleged trespassing, and allegedly assaulting an officer, but … they were all dropped.


There was also this 2019 incident, which we previously reported on, where then-BLM activist Jones threw hot liquid on then-TN House Speaker Glen Casada and Rep. Debra Moody as they got into an elevator:

As was the case in the other incidents, Jones was treated with kid gloves.

Jones has since moved on to, in his capacity as an elected official, helping stir up insurrections at the state capitol building and accusing non-white GOP members of the state legislature of “putting a brown face on white supremacy,” and labeling them “confused.”

Also, it appears that anti-Semitic activist Linda Sarsour is advising him (she’s pictured in the featured image alongside Jones).

And not even a week after Jones was expelled by the GOP-controlled TN House over his actions, he was voted back in unanimously by the Democrat-controlled Nashville Metropolitan Council.

This reporter who covers Tennessee politics perhaps inadvertently said it best:


I know from years of covering Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter “protests” that more often or not the radicals who commit the worst offenses rarely face any meaningful consequences in a court of law for what they do which, again, is why they continue acting out.

Our legal system and the deemphasis on making supposedly “small-time offenders” pay for what they do is part of the problem, but the other – bigger – problem is in how radicalism is being incentivized by the woke left to the point that bad is good, wrong is right, the offenders are the true victims, and absolutely nothing makes sense.

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