Republicans Grow a Backbone, Officially Expel Tennessee Democrat Who Led Insurrection

Tennessee legislators face expulsion after whipping up a mob and shutting down the legislature, 4/6/23. (Credit: The Recount/Twitter)

Justin Jones, one of the three Democrat Tennessee legislators who helped incite a mob to storm the capitol building has been officially expelled from the body for his actions.


As RedState reported, a crowd of activists rushed the state capitol last Thursday, eventually making it all the way to the balconies overlooking the legislative chamber. Skirmishes with police commenced and doors were blocked, forcing lawmakers to vacate the premises. Jones took a bullhorn onto the floor and began to speak in solidarity with the insurrectionists, helping to shut down the proceedings.

Instead of showing any remorse, Jones then ran to CNN to assert that Republicans were authoritarians for not allowing the mob to take over.

The move to expel him and two other Democrats began immediately, and according to National Review, it is now official. Jones has been kicked out of the Tennessee legislature.

Tennessee’s Republican-led House voted Thursday to expel state Representative Justin Jones, one of three Democratic lawmakers who staged demonstrations on the House floor last week to call for gun control.

Expulsion proceedings for the other two lawmakers, state Representatives Gloria Johnson and Justin Pearson, are ongoing.

House Speaker Cameron Sexton stripped the three lawmakers of their committee assignments and placed the trio’s expulsion up for a vote after Jones got into a scuffle with a fellow lawmaker and all three encouraged raucous protesters in the House chambers last week. Protesters stood on a balcony within the chambers chanting, “Fascists! Fascists!” Demonstrators also blocked several entryways and exits, forcing state troopers to step in to assist members in moving throughout the building.


It was an open question of whether enough Republicans would find a backbone in this situation, but they did, and for that, they should be praised. It would have been very easy to back down in the face of a national media onslaught claiming expulsion would be a threat to “democracy.” Yet, they stood tall and did the right thing.

As I wrote previously on this issue, to let this insanity slide would have signaled open season on Republican legislatures across the country. On the same day that the Tennessee capitol was invaded, Kentucky’s was as well. It was of the utmost importance that Jones be expelled to show that such behavior will not be tolerated.

No doubt, he’ll now go on a grievance tour, but so what? I’d much rather be on the victorious side than the side crying to far-left hosts on cable news. Tennessee Republicans set the standard here, and it’s likely they’ll vote to boot the other two Democrats in question as well.

Regarding the press reaction that has already started, everyone knows that if Republican lawmakers took over a legislative chamber, stopped the proceedings, fomented a mob, and then refused the commands of the Sergeant at Arms, it would be described as an insurrection. Expulsion wouldn’t even be a question at that point. Republicans are simply holding Democrats to their own standards, and to that I say, well done.



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