John Fetterman Declares Himself 'Fit to Be Serve' and I Have Thoughts

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With a week to go before Election Day and the race tightening, Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman is continuing to get peppered with questions from the press about his fitness to lead, with media requests for the release of more up-to-date medical records being denied each time the issue is brought up to either him or his campaign staff.


A recent interview Fetterman did with the Lancaster, PA-based WGAL news outlet was no exception to the rule. During a back-and-forth exchange with reporter Barbara Barr where he was asked if he would “consider releasing a full medical record list,” Fetterman again falsely claimed that he had “tried to be very transparent” with the press and the public on his health status after the stroke he suffered in May.

“I feel like having all the doctors on my team all believe that I’m fit to serve,” Fetterman said in an interview that was conducted virtually. “I’ve tried to be very transparent about going and meeting thousands and thousands of voters all across Pennsylvania. I always knew that the debate was going to be challenging, given the recovery from a stroke, and I showed up. So, I do believe that I’m fit to be serve, as well as so does my doctors.”

Note: WGAL cleaned up the transcript a bit but in the clip below, he clearly says “fit to be serve”:


Fetterman has consistently shown that transparency in leadership is simply not his thing, and that should be a big concern for voters in the state, especially at this stage in the game and especially considering how his troubling debate performance raised a lot more questions than it answered.

As I’ve said before, after nearly two years of an oftentimes incoherent Joe Biden leaving a lot of the heavy lifting to those around him, Pennsylvania voters have every right to be concerned if that’s what they also would get with Fetterman in the event he wins the election.

Being a Senator is not an easy job, as it requires someone who can handle the daily rigors with no problems, and that includes making informed decisions on how you’ll vote, responding to media inquiries, making yourself available for committee hearings as well as questions from your constituency at a moment’s notice. Not to mention all the traveling and speeches involved.

It also includes not turning your significant other into the “de facto” elected official, which has been a disturbingly common occurrence in the Fetterman campaign with Gisele Fetterman oftentimes doing more of the talking than John Fetterman himself.


This is an issue I wish we didn’t have to talk about but unfortunately, we do. Fetterman has simply not been upfront about his condition, and the fact that his public appearances have been highly problematic and that his wife has had to speak for him more often than not during these appearances should be major red flags for voters in the state, in particular those who haven’t yet decided.

Those voters need to ask themselves just one question: Who would they rather represent them in the U.S. Senate – a guy who refuses to be honest with them about his serious health issues or a guy they’ll disagree with occasionally but who they can trust will be making his own decisions?

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