Journalist Rushes to Delete Inconvenient Truth About John Fetterman and His Wife

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

A Rolling Stone journalist committed a mortal sin on Saturday morning, daring to tell the truth about Pennsylvania senate candidate John Fetterman.

The hits have been piling up against the Democrat after an MSNBC interview revealed that he’s far worse off cognitively than his campaign had previously revealed. The reality that he needs closed captioning, and even then, still can’t always understand what he’s responding to, left many voters feeling misled.


For months, the Fetterman campaign had insisted he was generally fine and was on track to recover completely from the massive stroke he suffered back in May. Over the last week, though, the switch flipped as it became impossible to hide the truth. The narrative went from “he’s fine” to “he’s disabled, and you are an ableist bigot if you question his fitness for office” in record time.

On that subject, one of Fetterman’s chief defenders has been his wife, Gisele Fetterman. She actually went so far as to demand there be “consequences” for the MSNBC reporter who exposed her husband’s condition.

Instead of being ridiculed for such an illiberal, tyrannical suggestion, Gisele Fetterman received a puff piece in Rolling Stone, written by “politics reporter” Kara Voght. But when one writes a slobbering partisan piece meant to push one’s political wants, sometimes the quiet part accidentally gets said out loud. That’s what happened when Voght described Gisele Fetterman as the “de facto” candidate over her husband.


Realizing what she’d done, the reporter rushed to delete her remark. Unfortunately for her, the internet is forever. Besides, she was right.

So you are telling me that Fetterman is so brain-damaged and incapable of performing the job he seeks that his wife is actually the puppet master behind the scenes? That sounds awfully familiar to the situation between Joe Biden and Jill Biden, with the latter operating as the formers handler in public, ushering him around and telling him what to say.

What is it with the wives of Democrat politicians and having such naked ambition that they’ll put their husbands through hell to gain and hold onto power? The idea that Gisele Fetterman is a reluctant “political star,” as the article suggests, is laughable. She wants fame and power badly.


Here’s the thing, though. Gisele Fetterman is not running for office. She has never been elected to anything and won’t be in November. She is irrelevant, and if she is the “de facto” candidate in place of her husband, then her husband should drop out of the race immediately. It is not endearing or empowering to pretend Gisele Fetterman is something more than what she is.

What Voght’s deleted tweet (and piece) laid out, even though she didn’t mean for it to, is that John Fetterman is not fit to be a US senator. It is obvious to any onlooker willing to be intellectually honest. If he and his wife won’t end this farce themselves, then voters should in a few weeks at the polls. Fetterman is not going to magically get better by January.


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