The Real Extremists Reveal Themselves

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Like a lot of pro-life conservatives, I rarely get involved in deep debates on abortion anymore because they typically devolve into predictable, tiresome accusations that I’m an “extremist” because I believe all unborn life is precious and should be given the same chance to live, grow, love, and prosper that the rest of us – including those who argue in favor of abortion “rights” – got.


And when my response to such accusations is to calmly put it back on the person arguing with me by reminding them that I’m not the one who is totally okay with terminating a developing unborn life at any stage of pregnancy no matter what inhumane method is used, whether it be by way of vacuum aspiration or by way of the dilation and evacuation method, the purply-red faces of rage and the stompy feet tell me all I need to know about where we’re headed.

Democrats don’t like being reminded of who the real extremists are, but I’m not one who cares whether or not their feelings try to get in the way of the cold, hard facts.

Just what are those cold, hard facts? Here they are, straight from the horses’ mouths.

Pennsylvania Democrat Senate nominee John Fetterman:

Ohio Democratic Senate nominee Tim Ryan, who like Joe Biden has done quite the convenient evolution on abortion over the years:


Texas Democratic gubernatorial nominee Beto O’Rourke, who I should remind folks is also a proponent of door-to-door gun confiscation:

Let’s also not forget how Democrats in the House and Senate pushed to have Roe v. Wade codified into law back in May – which if successful would have made abortion legal all the way up until the moment of birth with no exceptions whatsoever.

During that same month, a hearing was held on so-called “abortion rights” where Democratic pro-abortion witnesses would absolutely not go on record as supporting abortion restrictions in the third trimester on any grounds. One purported “physician” actually claimed during the hearing that “What makes a person a human being is them being born…That’s why we have birthdays.”

Let’s also remember that in early 2019, radically pro-abortion Democratic Delegate Kathy Tran (Virginia) introduced a bill that would remove all abortion restrictions, even allowing the baby to be aborted during delivery. Then-Gov. Ralph Northam supported it.


I remember how sick I was in September 2019 when Democratic state senators here in North Carolina actually took selfies where they were grinning from ear to ear after an override attempt of Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of a Born Alive bill failed. It was just as sickening as watching New York Democrats celebrate the passage of an abortion-til-birth bill earlier that year.

I mean, how callous can you actually get? For Democrats, the sky is the limit.

A growing number of them are calling for the few remaining pro-lifers in the party to be ousted, stating they have no place in the Democratic party anymore. And they might be right. Moderation has been increasingly falling out of favor in the Democrat party, especially when it comes to abortion.

As I’ve said before, from the very start of the fight over abortion, Democrats have been on the wrong side of this argument. And instead of being successful in painting their political opposition as backward patriarchists who want to subjugate women, it is abortion advocates who every time they open their mouths now demonstrate with each word who the real radical zealots are by, among other things, not answering very pointed questions about abortion until birth, stating that an unborn child isn’t a human until it has a birthday, and refusing to even contemplate abortion bans that would include exceptions for rape and incest, the latter of which abortion fanatics always bring up during these debates.


Next time a Democrat trots out the “you’re an extremist!” argument, remember all this, and also remind them that you’ll accept “moral high ground” arguments from pro-abortion leftists on any issue on about the 12th of Never.

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