John Fetterman's Debate Was Much Worse Than Expected, and Three Moments Perfectly Illustrate That

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The debate between John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz is in the book, and I’m going to make the most non-hyperbolic statement ever made on this site. That debate was the worst, most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen in politics.


It was that bad, and if you didn’t watch it, you can’t possibly understand just how bad it was. I mean that sincerely. If you are only reading quotes or watching clips, you will never grasp the full scale of the disaster that unfolded.

I’ll be completely honest. I misjudged this moment. I actually thought Fetterman might come into this debate and meet the extremely low expectations set for him. But he’s much, much worse off than was previously revealed, and to illustrate that, I’ll use just three clips from the debate. Rest assured, my colleagues will be covering much more, though.

Let’s start with Fetterman’s answer on not releasing his medical records, an issue that is likely top-of-mind given the performance he just put on.

I can spend this entire article just talking about the clearly unqualified condition Fetterman is in mentally. Just a week ago, most of the mainstream media were insisting that all he needed was closed captioning and that he was otherwise fine. That myth was completely debunked on the debate stage. We are dealing with a guy who doesn’t just have trouble mentally processing what he hears, but can’t mentally process what he wants to say, and it’s way past just fumbling over the occasional word.


As to his medical records, Fetterman had a chance at the debate to promise to release them. Instead, he talked in circles about “my doctor” even though that doctor is a campaign donor. And my paraphrase of what he said is being kind because his actual quotes were largely incomprehensible.

Moving past that, on the issue of fracking, Fetterman was challenged about his 2018 quote saying that he did not and had not ever supported the drilling process. Instead of at least trying to explain himself, the Democrat just kept saying he supports fracking like a broken robot stuck on a single line.

Putting aside the disturbing mental breakdown that happened in his answer, Fetterman is lying and he knows he’s lying, which is just as bad considering he wants to be elected to the US Senate. He opposed fracking his entire career until just recently, and it felt like he was using his condition to cover that up in this instance as if he knew the moderator would just move on.

But if there’s one clip I could show you that shows how truly broken Fetterman’s brain is, it’s this next one showing him interrupting Oz’s closing statement.


You do not interrupt someone’s closing statement. That’s just not a thing that happens at debates because even the most aggressive candidates follow that rule. Yet, Fetterman randomly starts shouting about social security, something Oz wasn’t even addressing. It was an astonishing scene, illustrating that Fetterman doesn’t just have major cognitive issues, but that he also has issues with control. It’s almost as if he forgot what part of the debate he was in.

I’ll close by admonishing the journalists who lied to the American people about Fetterman’s condition, even trashing one of their own to try to protect him. They knew he was this bad off, and they insisted that he just missed a word here or there. This debate was a mask-off moment, though. There’s no putting what everyone saw tonight back under wraps. Fetterman is not fit to serve, and the sooner this farce ends, the better.


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