Joe Biden’s Festival of Fail During Inflation Act Signing Ceremony Was One for the Books

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Tuesday was a big day for President Biden, Democrat members of Congress, and their apologists in the mainstream press with the signing of the bogusly named “Inflation Reduction Act” in a signing ceremony that saw Joe Biden quite literally rip the mask off the White House’s COVID mask theater once and for all.


As readers will recall, it was announced earlier in the day that First Lady Jill Biden had tested positive for COVID-19, and would be remaining in South Carolina, where she and the POTUS had been vacationing, until she recovered.

Obviously, Joe Biden is considered a “close contact” of Jill Biden. Because of that, he is supposed to be masked when he’s around other people per the CDC’s guidelines, you know, the ones we common folks are supposed to follow according to them.

And yet watch what happened during the signing ceremony.

A masked President Biden stood alongside his co-conspirators fellow Democrats waiting to be introduced by Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). As soon as he was, Biden shook Schumer’s hand, walked to the podium, took his mask off, and immediately coughed into his hand:

And after he gave his lie-filled speech about the Inflation Reduction Act, falsely claiming among other things that it will not raise taxes on anyone who makes under $400,000 (spoiler: it will), Biden proceeded to sign the bill into law without a mask, handing over the pen he’d touched with his coughing hand to Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.).

Once he was done, he put the mask back on and then began shaking hands:


So much for “you must follow the science,” right?

The Democrat/media hypocrisy was not lost on some who remember how former President Trump was treated like a murderer by the MSM for merely standing on the balcony of the White House without a mask after he had tested positive for COVID.

“Joe Biden’s wife has covid and he’s holding a public event hugging and kissing dozens of people. Remember the press coverage when Trump waved alone on the balcony of the WH?” observed Twitter user A. Newsman.

Biden’s latest mask theater fail was reminiscent of what happened in July after he tested positive for COVID but was then photographed in the White House without a mask on, and when Vice President Kamala Harris – also considered a close contact of Joe Biden’s – attended an event a day later and promptly took off her mask as soon as she stepped on to the stage and hugged another guest.

Incredibly, when asked about Biden’s maskless photo at the time, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insulted everyone’s intelligence when she proclaimed in response to a question about it that “he took off his mask so that the American people could see him and see directly that work he is doing.” As for Harris’ maskless moment, it proved to be too much for Jean-Pierre and Biden COVID Response Coordinator Ashish Jha to explain away.


In any event, as always with Democrats, the “rules for thee but not for me” double standard is still in full effect, which we saw when Joe Biden took office and immediately violated his own executive order on masks.

And yet they keep wondering why so many people have abandoned looking to elected officials and government “health experts” for guidance on how to navigate around COVID. As I’ve said before, if they’d look in a mirror sometime, maybe they’d finally figure out why.

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