Reporters Nail Biden for Blowing off COVID Guidance in Another 'Rules for Thee' Moment

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden tested positive on Saturday for COVID again after testing negative earlier this week. He first tested positive on July 21.

With the new positive test, his doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, issued a written statement, terming it a case of “rebound positivity,” which he says happens sometimes with Paxlovid treatment.


The doctor said that Biden wasn’t feeling any “re-emergence of symptoms.”

But during his continuing bout of COVID, although Biden has pushed following CDC guidance to others, both he and Kamala Harris have blown off that guidance for themselves. Rules are for the little people, not Biden and Harris. We’ve reported on some of that recent mask theater from Biden, but now there’s more.

Biden’s doctor had said on Wednesday that he would be wearing a “well-fitting mask” when he was around others for 10 days. That’s following the CDC guidance saying that he should wear the mask for 10 days. The doctor claimed that Biden wanted to be “conscientious” about protecting others.

But Biden was not wearing a mask today while participating in a roundtable on the economy, despite sitting near Treasury Secretary JANET YELLEN. It is the latest instance of both the president and the vice president not following the CDC Covid guidance despite asking Americans to. [….]

A White House official argued that “we have ensured that there is sufficient distance between him and others to allow him to safely remove his mask.” When we noted that’s not what the CDC guidance says or what Dr. O’Connor said he’d do, the official declined to comment further.


Just in case the hypocrisy wasn’t completely clear, Politico reporters had a few things to say about the hypocrisy–including that the reporters who got near Yellen were required to test negative and they had to wear masks.

AP reporter Seung Min Kim also reported Biden blowing off the rules, it’s not clear if she’s talking about the same or other instances of Biden flouting the mask guidance.

Politico reporter Alex Ward observed that before Biden came down with COVID, he was also blowing off what his doctor advised.


“Conscientious” to Biden must translate to “I do what I want.” But, we all know that had Donald Trump done this, we would be hearing about the people that he was potentially killing with his actions.


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