Kamala Harris Delivers Deep Thoughts and Calls for Fighting in the Streets at the National Urban League

Saul Loeb/Pool Photo via AP

Name a better politician than Kamala Harris. You can’t do it. Actually, I take that back. You can absolutely do it, but can you name someone who is better at being an objectively bad politician?


Harris recently fired her speechwriter (no one believes the resignation was voluntary) as part of an attempt to improve her public persona, and that’s been about as helpful as a sharp stick in the eye. No matter who is writing her material, the vice president is still the vice president–and that was apparent in her appearance at the National Urban League on Friday.

When Harris arrived, she hugged the host and then ripped off her mask. That’s noteworthy because the White House just announced on Thursday that she was a close contact of Joe Biden, who has COVID-19. I guess CDC guidelines don’t apply to the administration, though.

Things went downhill from there, with Harris spinning one of her infamous word salads while trying to give commentary about mayors. What else she was trying to say, I have no idea, because she just talked herself in circles.

So when I think about what we need to do to address mayor, what ultimately does so often fall on the shoulders of our mayors to address, on a community level.


You’d need a translator to figure out exactly what was said, and even then, I’m not sure it’s discernable. It’s long been obvious that Harris, perhaps out of arrogance, doesn’t even bother to prepare for her public events, and it often leads to the repetition of words, as if she’s trying to fill time while having no idea what she actually wants to say. It’s a habit that would have been broken now if she were ever going to break it.

While continuing to be tossed softball questions, Harris suggested that people need to “fight” in the streets in order to override the decisions of America’s courts. That sounds a lot like an insurrection, doesn’t it?

I love how when she gets in front of a black audience, she immediately tries to act like she’s straight out of Compton. Everyone knows she doesn’t talk like that in her daily life, and the suggestion to fight in the streets is moronic anyway.

The Supreme Court is not an elected body. No amount of protesting will change any decision they’ve made. Heck, there’s not even a provision for the court to reverse itself if it wanted to. There would need to be a relevant case brought before the court that could lead to the overturning of precedent before the discussion could even begin. No amount of faking arrest in front of the Supreme Court or throwing blood on Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s driveway is going to lead to the reinstatement of Roe v. Wade. With that in mind, what exactly is Harris suggesting be done in the streets? We all know if she were a Republican, she’d be accused of inciting violence.


Harris exists within a bubble that shields her from the fact that she’s so deeply unlikable and inauthentic. DC journalists love her, but if you get outside the beltway, she’s one of the most unpopular politicians in the country. These types of public appearances are doing her no favors.



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