MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace Faces 'Conflict of Interest' Questions After Disclosure Failure During Broadcasts

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Principled Former Conservative™ Nicolle Wallace, a self-described “Fauci groupie,” hosts a weekday program on MSNBC titled “Deadline: White House” in which she has on an array of guests that are usually there to prop up whatever bogus conspiracy theories or wacky narratives she’s spinning or “bombshell” reports she’s spouting that more often than not turn out to be nothingburgers.


A frequent guest on Wallace’s shows has been New York Times reporter Mike Schmidt, who also authored a book released in September 2020 in which he detailed supposed efforts from officials in the Trump administration to allegedly “try to contain the forty-fifth president of the United States as he shredded norms and sought to expand his power, bringing American democracy to the brink.” Schmidt also has been one of the leading propagandists in the mainstream media at perpetuating the Trump/Russia collusion hoax alongside another MSNBCer – Rachel Maddow – who probably more than anyone else on the network aggressively pushed the lies about the non-existent conspiracy. Maddow also helped Schmidt promote his book, amplifying some of its claims.

One of the worst kept secrets in Beltway establishment media circles has been that Wallace, widely known as a disgruntled ex-Republican from the Bush/Cheney years and the McCain/Palin campaign, and Schmidt were dating as early as March 2019. Despite that fact, Wallace continued to have Schmidt on her program as a guest periodically – and apparently with MSNBC’s blessing – without disclosing their relationship as she amplified his work and they dished on his “scoops.”

On April 2nd, the two married. It wasn’t widely reported in a lot of media outlets beyond the New York Post and People Magazine, but watchers of Wallace’s show spotted their wedding bands a couple of days later:


Since they were wed, Schmidt has appeared on Wallace’s program five times (roughly once a week), with the most recent appearance being May 12th, where she promoted another sensationalized anti-Trump piece from Schmidt detailing how “a grand jury investigation by federal prosecutors is probing whether classified documents and classified material from Donald Trump’s White House that ended up at Mar-a-Lago was at any point along its journey mishandled.”

In none of Schmidt’s appearances on the program since they were married has it been disclosed by Wallace that the two are husband and wife, with the May 12th appearance being one such example:

Some Twitter users have noticed it, however, and have wondered about potential ethical and conflict of interest issues:

Similar questions are also being raised amongst some D.C. Cocktail Circuit movers and shakers, some of who at the very least find it odd that Wallace won’t reveal the information prior to introducing Schmidt during broadcasts in the interest of full disclosure, as they would expect in similar situations with their hated rival network Fox News. Others have wondered about the ethical questions it raises for MSNBC, which obviously has given the interview segments their blessing.


Is there a conflict of interest here and are there ethical issues at play? Opinions vary. Maybe they don’t want to be seen as another Mika and Joe, whose over-the-top cutesy segments as husband and wife on MSNBC have been known to send people into therapy.

In any event, since Wallace won’t disclose it, someone had to. Now you know.

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