MSNBC Host Spreads Dangerous Narrative About 'Let's Go, Brandon' Dad That Needs to Be Shut Down

(Nathan Congleton/MSNBC via AP)

We reported over the weekend on the left’s continued freakouts over Oregon resident Jared Schmeck saying “Let’s Go, Brandon” at the end of a “NORAD Santa” Christmas Eve call with President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden.


As a result of how viral the call went on social media, the father of four has predictably been targeted for cancellation by the radical left and their “Protect the Precious” allies in the mainstream press. One CNN analyst – Ron Brownstein of The Atlantic – even bizarrely likened Schmeck’s comments, which are code for “F*** Joe Biden,” to talk of an “insurrection.”

Sadly, Brownstein isn’t the only one running with the “insurrection” narrative as it relates to Schmeck’s call with Biden. Self-important MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, who is perhaps second only to colleague Joy Reid when it comes to insanely wacked hot takes on the big stories of the day, ran with it today on her program in a discussion on the “issue” of Schmeck’s comments with a couple of panelists including former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.).

In an attempt to explain “Why This Matters™,” Wallace stated that Schmeck essentially uttering an “F*** you” to Joe Biden was not just about expressing displeasure with Biden. It was, in her view, a sinister way of fomenting the next so-called “insurrection” in a “slow-motion” sort of way.



Before I get into why I believe this line of attack is so dangerous, I’d like to note this has become a common practice for Wallace. If something happens that makes leftists look bad and that she can’t explain, she blames it on alleged insurrectionists and/or their supposed sympathizers. She’s used the excuse often, more recently after the election of Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin. Also, getting upset over curse words being used as it relates to public figures is apparently something new to a lot of the critics of the term “LGB” including Wallace, who didn’t hesitate to use them during the Trump years.

One way this type of talk is dangerous is that it potentially could be bad news for CNN, who could be sued for slander, as my colleague Nick Arama suggested. But equally dangerous is the fact that what Wallace and others like her on the left are doing is setting the stage for literally labeling any criticism of Joe Biden as code for instigating an “insurrection,” no matter how benign the criticism.

While the allegations of “racism” we’ve routinely heard from the left over the years in response to legitimate criticisms of Democratic policies were bad enough, claiming someone is a closet insurrectionist for mere disagreement with the current occupant of the Oval Office is much worse, and is an actionable claim depending on how widespread the accusation becomes.


If bogus claims like these about ordinary citizens who are merely expressing dissatisfaction with Biden aren’t nuked into orbit before they have the chance to take root, in the coming months and years I worry we’re going to see federal targeting of innocent people a la what Biden’s DOJ threatened to do to concerned parents last year over “threats” to school board members that weren’t actually threats.

Going forward, I urge Republican politicians, conservative writers, commentators, public speakers, and the like to push back on this narrative about Biden critics when they run up against it, whether it be on media panels like Wallace’s, whether it be during a speaking engagement on a college campus, whether it be on social media, no matter where.

Because the most effective way to prevent the left from successfully establishing a chilling shutuppery tactic is by categorically rejecting it and by (metaphorically speaking) setting fire to it before it becomes standard operating procedure in media/leftist circles.

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