MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace Shows Just How Embarassing Media Can Be Over Fauci, Biden

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How crazy are some in the media in their allegiance to the Biden administration?

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace shows us how extreme this can be when she claimed that the dad who told Joe Biden “Let’s go, Brandon” was a way of fomenting “insurrection” in a “slow-motion” kind of way. Now, just questioning Biden is “insurrection” in their minds, and not allowed. That’s a dangerous road to go down when state media is so demonizing opponents. She also wasn’t the only one to push that, CNN analyst and senior editor of The Atlantic Ron Brownstein also pushed that somehow Schmeck’s comment was “fundamentally about insurrection” on a CNN broadcast.


Wallace showed the flip side of that — showing the slavish devotion to the administration, bordering on religious devotion, with another recent comment in which she described her approach to COVID.

“I’m a Fauci groupie. I’m a thrice-vaccinated, mask adherent. I buy KN95 masks by the, you know, caseload. They’re in every pocket. I wear them everywhere except when I sit down. And I am certain that this is not a variant I can outrun.”

She still is convinced that Omicron is going to get her. Imagine indulging in all this fear porn excess and then still worried it’s going to get you. She could simply be living and enjoying her life, but she’s given it over to this kind of mania. I think I would be embarrassed to say something like this. But she isn’t; she thinks it’s somehow normal. It’s such crazy virtue-signaling — look at me, I’m faithfully adherent to the doctrine from St. Fauci!


Of course, the doctrine from St. Fauci tends to change and have issues, so you also have to be willing to suspend a certain amount of critical thinking to get over those parts. And if she’s buying these by the caseload, is she depriving other people of them according to the Fauci remarks of March 2020 when he counseled against hoarding masks that might be needed by others? If we wonder why so many Americans are made neurotic over COVID, look right here. How many are influenced by this mania pushed by the media?

The deification of the media and Democrats of Fauci is beyond all reason. He’s on media constantly; one has to wonder how much time he spends on his alleged job, with all the time he’s on television and giving interviews. The left even has worship objects and action figures now of him, as one of the Texas runaway state representatives revealed when he spoke about getting a Fauci doll for Christmas. It’s because of this deification that media types like Nicolle Wallace don’t ask the hard questions that should be asked of Fauci and why they never go after him on anything.

Of course, there’s a small problem with Wallace’s adherence to the doctrine. Oddly enough, viruses don’t stop spreading when you take off the mask and sit down. Sitting down isn’t some magical protectant against the virus. Someone might want to tell her that.



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