Tucker Carlson Responds as Only He Can to Latest 'Bombshell' New York Times Hit Piece

Tucker Carlson Responds as Only He Can to Latest 'Bombshell' New York Times Hit Piece
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I’ve lost count of the number of hit pieces/segments I’ve read and watched over the years from the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN on Tucker Carlson, and beyond the predictability of the attacks on the popular Fox News host, the one thing I’ve noticed is the increasing desperation that comes with each “bombshell” report.

The desperation, of course, stems from the fact that every attack they launch against him only serves to increase his popularity in part because Carlson is famously (or infamously, in some circles) unapologetic in his stances. Further, Carlson has over the years also fine-tuned his penchant for turning the hits on him around on his critics, embarrassing them in the process by hoisting them by their own petard.

He’s even stood strong in the face of the NSA’s apparent spying on him. Such resolve in the face of unrelenting attacks is increasingly rare in an era where canceling opposing voices remains the professional left’s and their associated social media outrage mob’s preferred method of neutering others for disagreement.

With all of that in mind, we turn to the New York Times’ latest round of attempted “gotcha” with Carlson, and it comes courtesy of a three-part series they did on him that – if you check out the Twitter feeds of some of the “reporters” involved in the stories – they can’t brag about enough.

Case in point is Nick Confessore, who no doubt has looked in the mirror and patted himself on the back numerous times for the in-depth “analysis” of over 1,100 episodes that he and some of his colleagues did which he claims helped them come to “facts” about Carlson that he suggests are indisputable:

I mean, this guy is so amped up about the collaboration with his fellow “reporters” that he wrote a multi-tweet thread about the story which contains the highlights and lowlights of the “stories.” His conclusion was, of course, to brand Carlson’s program as maybe “the most racist program in the history of cable news”:

“More successfully than almost anyone else, Carlson has taken a set of themes and conspiracy theories, formerly caged on the fringe of American politics, and brought them to a mainstream audience. His show may be the most racist program in the history of cable news.”

Confessore then proclaimed that his assessment wasn’t an opinion nor a take, but instead a “fact” because they had done research and stuff:

Carlson, who recently returned to Twitter after an unjustified suspension, responded accordingly as only he can:

He’s probably still laughing.

I suspect Carlson, who once completely shut down a New York Times attack that was reportedly going to include revealing his home address, will have more to say on his program tonight (the mockery should be epic). But I can say with certainty as someone who has monitored and analyzed the MSM for decades that pretty much any time they say “trust us, we did our homework on this” – which is what Confessore did in a nutshell with that last tweet, it’s a massive red flag and skeptics should question it, particularly considering the media’s bad habit of taking things conservatives say out of context and then running with them as though factual, especially on matters of race.

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating that the bottom line here is that Carlson is immensely successful at what he does – which is to cause people on the right and the left alike to question official activist/media/government narratives. For that, The Usual Suspects believe he must be punished and canceled.

Meanwhile, MSNBC’s Joy Reid – who is one of the most hateful, racist, and genuinely homophobic talk show hosts on cable news today – gets routinely overlooked by the likes of Confessore and media critics like CNN’s media hall monitor and fellow Carlson hater Brian Stelter. I’m sure the fact that Confessore is a “political analyst” at MSNBC has no bearing on the fact that he and his paper look the other way when it comes to her bat-crap crazy rantings. None whatsoever.

The media’s latest round of “Get Tucker!” won’t work, but it’s amusing to see them try, anyway. Bless their hearts.

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