MSNBC's Joy Reid, Eric Swalwell & Co. Compare Conservatives to Terrorists Who Want to Kill Our Kids

MSNBC's Joy Reid, Eric Swalwell & Co. Compare Conservatives to Terrorists Who Want to Kill Our Kids
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Yep, just another day at the office for MSNBC’s Joy Reid, host of “The Reidout.” And by “just another day at the office,” I mean another episode of delusion, ridiculous bitter rants, nonsensical claims, and equally delusional guests to make her silly show even sillier.

Speaking of equally delusional, two words: Eric Swalwell (D-Compromised by Chinese Spy Fang Fang). Toss in Biden Administration Education Secretary Miguel Cardona and MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance, and fasten your seatbelts, gang — it’s going to be a wild — and hilarious — ride.

We all know Reid’s schtick, right? Right-of-center Americans are really bad people who want nothing more than to suppress people of color (See: Mumbles™ Biden: “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains” mentality), destroy the environment, and create a right-wing, xenophobic, one-party dictatorship.

On Wednesday’s show, Reid & Co. kicked it up a notch or ten.

As captured by NewsBusters, Reid and her equally bitter guests informed us that right-of-center Americans are also murderous terrorists who want to kill our kids with COVID-19.

Reid gleefully kicked off the festivities by exploiting the 3-year anniversary of the deadly events in Charlottesville, Virginia — for which, as you might recall, conservatives and the 63 million people who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 were immediately blamed — telling Swalwell and Nance that the Republican Party is “harboring” an “insurgency and it is a white nationalist insurgency.”

Via MSNBC’s “The Reidout” transcript:

“My pinned tweet on Twitter says exactly that, that the Republican Party, Representative Swalwell, is harboring that insurgency and it is a white nationalist insurgency, let’s just be blunt. It is — it breaks down along the lines of this idea of replacement theory, which Malcolm just mentioned. So replacement theory, Representative Swalwell…”

Reid then played a cheap shot clip smearing Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and then asked Swalwell if he feels “comfortable and safe” working with “these people” (Congressional Republicans). Via the transcript:

“That was not on his show, that was on the comfy couch show, the ‘Fox & Friends’ morning show, but still on that network. Do you — you have to work with people who pretty much have that one in their offices all day and think that is mainstream beliefs.

“You work with these people, congressman. Do you feel comfortable and safe working with people who at minimum are willing to live with that kind of fascism and white nationalism in their party?”

Buffoonish Swalwell eagerly went buffoonish Swalwell, on cue:

“No Joy, I don’t and we look at many of our colleagues and believe that had they not been in Congress on January t, they would have been on the other side of the door right next to Ashli Babbit and so, I’m not working with them. I’m working to replace them from Congress. That’s the replacement theory that I’m all in for, is to make sure they don’t come back in 2023.

“But it’s really, Joy, these twin lies that are killing us — literally killing us. The lie that the election was stolen has taken many lives of police officers, and the lie that vaccines don’t work is also propagated by Tucker Carlson, Kevin McCarthy, and, you know, those guys in the Republican Party. It’s killing Americans and it’s starting to kill our kids.

“And so, the two twin lies, to make sure they are held accountable for that, I think that’s the pathway to making sure that we keep the majority in both the House and the Senate.”

Question, Swally: Don’t you find it odd, given that Tucker Carlson believes “vaccines don’t work,” that he has not only been double vaccinated; but also tells his audience on a regular basis he believes people without pre-existing medical conditions should be vaccinated, as well?

Oh, wait — you’re either lying or a fool. Or both, of course. But, never mind.

And Swally? You’re “not working” with your Republican colleagues?

Well, hell, Joe promised “unity.” You know, the “time to heal” stuff? I mean, I know you’re a nutjob, but you do remember Joe telling us that, right?

Anyway, Reid agreed, of course, baselessly saying the Republican Party “is an insurgency and is housing an insurgency” while the Democrat Party is — wait for it — “a normal political party.” [ROFL emoji]

It gets better.

Next up, Nance informed us that the Republican Party is a terrorist organization — busting out the QAnon lunatics, ISIS, and al-Qaeda to “prove” his point.

“You know, there’s a substantial portion of, you know, the gun-slinging conservatives base that — that — that really doesn’t support QAnon. Even though, and I said this a year ago on this program, QAnon would — would take over the Republican ideology and it has.

“Even though they don’t allow Q-shirts at Trump rallies and things like that, the belief in the inherent evilness of all Democrats and that there’s a global cabal that must be destroyed by force of arms, that is now standard throughout the conservative base.

“The Republican Party — you know, I used to joke that they were vanilla ISIS, right, all of these militiamen and everything out there. They were like al-Qaeda in the sense that they radicalized online, they would meet together in secret and they did all of these activities which were very much like a terrorist, you know — terrorist insurgency.


“There are many of them right now that are ready to fight and we’re seeing politicians in the statehouses and the Capitol who are actually, you know, pushing them subliminally to fight.”

Can you imagine being that delusional? Where do these clowns get this stuff? Rhetorical question, of course. The best part is their total lack of awareness of how they’re viewed by honest, rational Americans.

Cardona couldn’t wait to join the party, telling Reid that the behavior of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and “those people” is “dangerous.”

“We — we have policies that are being implemented now that are not safe for students. So yes, we’re working closely with all — all states, but in particular with Florida, we’re having conversations about what we can do to make sure that, number one, our students have access to safe learning environments, that educators are given the opportunity to do what they do best.

“Let’s let our superintendents do their jobs. They know what to do. [LOL] It’s tough enough reopening schools during a pandemic and they shouldn’t have to have their salaries threatened or deal with repercussions of making the right decisions.

“Unfortunately, look at the data. [Wait, huh?] Look at the data. We are talking about the rates in Florida going up.”

Stop the tape.

As we reported yesterday, the CDC admitted their Florida COVID numbers were wrong, pal. If you’re going to tout data, how ’bout you tout accurate data? Otherwise, tell us more about how “our superintendents know what to do.” [ROFL emoji]

Nonetheless, Cardona finished his dumpster fire comments with an attack on DeSantis.

It’s dangerous [DeSantis doing his job] and we want to make sure that our schools are reopened for our students and that parents feel confident sending their children to school. They have been through enough already.”

Kids “have been through enough already,” Mr. Secretary? Know why?

Because the all-powerful teachers’ unions have refused to reopen schools. Because teachers in school systems around the country have refused to return — putting up ridiculous demand after ridiculous demand. Because Joe Biden blatantly kowtows to teachers’ unions the same way he blatantly kowtows to the radical left. Because of Democrat governors — not Ron DeSantis and other Republican governors who have refused to kowtow to your administration.

Reid ended the delusional hatefest with this gem:

“These kids have rights too, or at least they should. It would be nice if both parties cared about them equally.”

Yes, Joy, it would.

As the wise old idiom correctly observes (in various iterations): “Everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.”

Sadly, today’s Democrats are damn good at practicing the exact opposite.

Speaking of which, check out my previous article: Sean Penn Compares Mandatory Vaccines to Drivers’ Licenses — Then James Woods Shows Up.

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