WATCH: Carlson Unloads "Pure Savagery" on the Double Standards of Media Matters

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson roasts Media Matters. Screen grab via The DC and Fox News.

If Media Matters thought they could silence Fox News‘s Tucker Carlson, they found out this week that they’ve got another thing coming.


To recap what’s happened so far:

Red State‘s Brandon Morse wrote Monday about how the left wing outrage mob glommed onto a report by the “conservative media watchers” at MM that showed Carlson made insensitive remarks over a decade ago. As is par for the course, the mob – with relentless prodding by MM – then targeted Carlson’s advertisers with some success.

Jennifer Van Laar noted later that Carlson responded to the mob by, in essence, telling them to go take a hike.

He was not going to apologize.

And Media Matters made clear they weren’t going to back down either, releasing more controversial quotes from Tucker the next day.

As it turns out, Carlson’s Daily Caller publication had a few tricks up their sleeves as well and unearthed some some bigoted, hateful comments made by MM’s president Angelo Carusone himself.

Red State‘s Bonchie wrote in response that Tucker would probably “hit these newest revelations on his show tonight and he should.”

He did. And it was epic:

Recapping it doesn’t do it justice. Just watch it for yourself.

Predictably enough, Carusone is claiming his uncovered bigotry was all an attempt by him to parody right wing “hate”:



The shoe being on the other foot isn’t such a good feeling now, is it Mr. Carusone?

Now is as good a time as any to point out that Media Matters doesn’t just want Carlson dumped, they want Fox News off the air, too. Period.

It says an awful lot about MM and the perpetual left wing outrage machine in general that in a country full of mainstream media outlets that parrot left wing talking points every day as though factual, they go after the one network that doesn’t. And not just to get them to “clean up their act” but to have them silenced. Full stop.

Something to remember about the modern left is that when they preach about the “necessity for diversity”, they’re talking about degrees of leftism only. Center right or conservative right voices are rarely included or encouraged, except to mock. In fact, they are frequently targeted to be shut down, whether by government force or otherwise starving them of the funding they need to survive.


Regardless of any disagreements some on the right may have with him, Carlson’s right not to back down from this fight. He knows just as well as any other high profile conservative does that the more effective your messaging becomes, that the more people you reach, the harder the activist left is going to come after you to silence you.

Do not back down. Not ever.

Sister Toldjah is a former liberal and a 15+ year veteran of blogging with an emphasis on media bias, social issues, and the culture wars. Read her Red State archives here. Connect with her on Twitter.–


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