A Great Wailing Commences After Tucker Carlson States Some Uncomfortable Truths About Kamala Harris

The subject of Vice President Kamala Harris has become quite a sensitive one for Democrats and their allies in the mainstream press as questions about her ability to perform even the basic responsibilities of a VP as well as her weaknesses as a potential presidential contender in 2024 continue to get raised.


As I noted Thursday, Harris’ current woes are apparent for the whole country to see, from the disastrous way she’s “managed” the border crisis to date to the frequent reports containing allegations from former and current staffers that a divaesque Harris is extremely difficult to work with and has skewed priorities.

On his program last night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson began a segment by ripping into the VP, referring to her as “Willie Brown’s girlfriend.” He went on to suggest that she’s “a person with no adult skills, who can’t figure out how to pronounce her own first name”:

We’re watching the lunatics in charge of our country spiral even deeper into madness, and as we watch that, we feel a duty to keep track of their decline. We do this to assemble a permanent historical record of the craziness, if only for the amusement of future generations. Last night we thought we’d reached an all-time high water mark when we told you that Willie Brown’s girlfriend has decided that she knows more about COVID than the physicians and nurses who treat it.

That would be Kamala Harris — a person with no adult skills, who can’t figure out how to pronounce her own first name — is now issuing medical directives to medical doctors, and demanding they obey. The media, meanwhile, seem to think that’s perfectly normal. That’s how bonkers things have become. And yet, it all seems to be accelerating.



Predictably, pearls were clutched as fauxtraged leftists (including the Media Matters hack who tweeted the video clip) reacted with cries of sexism and racism and more of the typical accusations that come from people who have been conditioned to believe every criticism of a woman and/or a person of color boils down to her gender and race:

I’m not gonna lie and say that I hate to be the bearer of bad news for the left, but I’ll admit the subject matter is a bit uncomfortable. But the facts are what they are, and I will reiterate them here.

Kamala Harris is a woman whose professional profile was elevated in all the right circles in the early/mid-1990s as the result of an admitted affair with a powerful (and married) political figure in California named Willie Brown. It’s a matter of public record, as the L.A. Times has previously reported:

In 1995, she began dating [Willie] Brown, then Assembly speaker and one of the most powerful men in California politics. Brown put Harris on the state Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and the California Medical Assistance Commission, part-time posts that supplemented her prosecutor’s salary with nearly $100,000 in extra annual pay.

The December night Brown was elected mayor, Harris joined him at center stage in a longshoremen’s union hall and gave him a blue cap that said, “Da Mayor.”


Brown was (and is still) married at the time (since 1958, to Blanche Vitero, though they have reportedly been estranged since 1981). And Harris and Brown remained political allies even after they split up shortly after his 1996 mayoral inauguration, according to the L.A. Times.

Not only did Brown give his mistress at the time two cushy appointments and a 1994 BMW, but he also gave her some key introductions to valuable political players.

As to Harris not being able to pronounce her own name, well, that’s a matter of public record, too. Last August when Carlson and numerous Republicans were accused of being a “racist” for supposedly not pronouncing her name correctly, he, in turn, pointed out that not only had Joe Biden not said it correctly according to what the media declared it should be, but that Harris herself also had not said it right per the media’s standards:

As to whether or not she has any “adult skills,” well perhaps that was a little harsh on Carlson’s part. But what we do know, and as we’ve written about over and over again at this site, Harris is simply not very good at what she does.

This wasn’t Carlson’s first takedown of Kamala Harris, and undoubtedly it will not be his last, because if the next three and a half years are anything like her first six months, there’s going to be a whole lot of fail that needs to be documented for the record.


And as for Carlson dredging up her affair supposedly being an example of “sexism,” funny how we never see people being accused of sexism for often pointing out former President Bill Clinton’s penchant for cheating on his wife. But there’s a lesson to be learned here: If you don’t want your affairs brought up, maybe think twice about having one.

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