Midterm Woes: All Eyes on Joe Biden as ‘Dems in Disarray’ Narrative Takes Center Stage

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Typically, midterm election years are not good ones for the president’s political party as those elections are viewed as referendums on how the American people view what he and his party have and haven’t done over the course of his first two years in office.


But the way things are shaping up for President Biden, the upcoming ballot box battles could be historic in terms of number of seats lost for Democrats, not just because the polls reflect widespread discontent but also because we’re some 10 months away and neither the Democrat National Committee (DNC) nor the Biden White House nor their big-money allies on the left have been able to form a coherent, uniform strategy for how to define Biden and his message ahead of November:

The Democratic National Committee (DNC), White House and aligned interest groups are growing discontent about how to create a national network to support President Biden’s agenda and enhance his image, leaving some in the party puzzled about the big-picture plan for 2022.

That’s according to multiple sources with knowledge of the party committee, who are befuddled and upset that the strategic vision seems to be slipping away amid reports of personality disputes, administration overreach, communication mishaps and wasted resources.

“While the White House still hasn’t figured out how to build their outside infrastructure, they’re quickly trying to shift blame for the position to people outside the White House,” said one plugged-in DNC source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to frankly discuss internal committee operations.


As we previously reported, the finger-pointing has already started on this front, with some White House officials casting blame on failed South Carolina Senate nominee and DNC Chair Jaime Harrison.

Of course, I’m on the outside looking in here, but in my opinion, the biggest hurdle for Democrats in trying to settle on a “defining message” for Joe Biden is that he has little to show for his first year in office, giving them little to work with. And the way the second year is taking shape it doesn’t appear that’s going to change anytime soon if at all.

I wrote a piece in October reflecting on Joe Biden’s failures to date, and here we are four months later, and we’re pretty much in the same boat:

– He hasn’t rescued the economy; in fact, he’s undone much of the progress that was made under the Trump administration, with people leaving the workforce in record numbers in part because they’re being scared sh**less by the COVID fearmongering coming from Democrats including Biden. There’s also the inconvenient matter of inflation, the numbers of which are staggering for the so-called “recovery” president.

– He hasn’t “shut down the virus,” which was a key campaign pledge. Instead, he’s divided our country with dictatorial coronavirus vaccine mandates while practically flashing his middle finger at those who do not comply, and then turning around and insulting our intelligence when he doesn’t follow the rules he sets for regular folks.


– He hasn’t resolved the issues at the southern border; he actually made them worse even before he was sworn-in, with comments made during the presidential campaign that were the equivalent of him placing a giant “Welcome” billboard at the Texas/Mexico border that read “our doors are wide open.” Worse, he put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the “root causes” of the border crisis, and we all see the results of that terrible decision.

– There’s also the Ukraine/Russia mess – which speaks for itself.

Despite his much-touted “decades of experience” in Washington, D.C., Joe Biden has been an ineffective president on many levels. He can’t even unite his own party behind him, let alone the country over which he presides. To repeat a point I’ve made before, this is what happens when you rely on self-important wokesters in and around your administration to tell you how to run things rather than manning up, leaning into common sense, and actually making your own decisions based on careful considerations of all the facts.

The DNC, the White House comms teams, and their affiliated special interest groups are unlikely to be able to settle on much less agree to a coherent messaging strategy for Joe Biden going into the 2022 midterms because Joe Biden himself is a failed leader, and as the old saying goes, no matter how much fresh paint you put on an old barn, most people will still be able to tell that it’s still an old barn.


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