Joe Biden’s One-Year Metamorphosis on ‘Shutting Down the Virus’ Explained in One Perfect Graphic

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Then-Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden’s main pledge throughout the year last year was that he was going to “shut down the virus.” He said it on campaign stops, during interviews, on social media, at debates, and the like that he would do what he claimed President Donald Trump wouldn’t and couldn’t do – comprehensively deal with the Wuhan virus pandemic. His eventual vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris made similar claims about what they would do about the coronavirus if they won the election.


Prior to Election Day, though, they had an odd way of proving their supposed commitment to shutting down the virus (assuming one’s belief is that it could be shut down through vaccinations). Both Biden and Harris repeatedly undermined the vaccines that were being developed under Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” initiative. Trump himself called them both out at the time, in essence telling them they were playing politics and putting lives at risk by fostering an atmosphere of vaccine hesitancy.

After the election, though, a magical thing happened. Suddenly the vaccines were safe to take. The same media and Democrats (including Biden and Harris) who told us we should worry about if it would be safe were suddenly frantically urging people to get the vaccine.

Since taking office, they’ve made pushing vaccinations a priority along with federalizing the response to the pandemic, the latter of which was a strategy doomed to fail. And now a year out from their promises to “shut down the virus” by coordinating a “national response” to the virus, not only is President Biden himself admitting that “there is no federal solution” to shutting down the virus but senior members of his administration including top health advisers like Dr. Anthony Fauci and CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky are conveniently loosening guidelines surrounding CDC recommendations, admittedly based on economic and political considerations.


This administration’s – particularly Biden’s – one-year metamorphosis on combatting the coronavirus has been both quite remarkable and infuriating at the same time, especially considering the fact that some of the solutions and admissions that are now being made by these people are things Republicans including Trump said last year. They were essentially branded murderers for their observations at the time. But the new sheriff in town being a Democrat means different rules for how the media operates, and accordingly, the MSM’s outrage over the abrupt change and less science-y approach to dealing with the virus has been mostly muted.

As I was catching up on the news earlier today, I came across a cartoon graphic that I felt perfectly encapsulated Biden’s flip flop on fighting the virus from 2020 to 2021:

Here’s the video version of the above graphic, first showing Biden admitting earlier this week that there was “no federal solution” to shut down the virus and then the numerous times Biden promised last year to “shut it down”:

All of this brings serious questions to mind that some need to be asking themselves as we head into 2022: Did Biden-Harris really think they were going to be able to “shut down the virus”? Or was it all just a calculated election-year political ploy that they knew had no basis in reality? Most Republicans have always believed the latter was the case – and in my view, that belief was validated in no uncertain terms this week. I suspect millions who were duped into believing otherwise are now waking up to that sobering fact as well.


Biden’s 180 along with those of his most trusted medical advisers says it all, in my opinion, with absolutely none of it being good.

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