The Most Shameful and Sobering Commentary of All on Joe Biden Has Just Revealed Itself

President Joe Biden’s town hall Thursday night on CNN — the third he’s done with Democrat apologist network in a year’s time — was an undeniable train wreck of a display, with Biden at times weirdly whispering some of his answers, making a demonstrably false claim about a “border visit” that never happened, and then quite literally mocking the concept of freedom at another point during the invitation-only (media code for “highly scripted”) event.


There was also the embarrassing side note about how his infamous, behind-the-scenes handlers were actually fact-checking him in real-time during the town hall, as evidenced by tweets from reporters noting (questionable) clarifications and corrections from frantic (and anonymous) White House spokespeople.

Total cluster, no question about it.

I bring up all this because the post-town hall TV ratings have just been released, and it occurred to me in reading about them what they unintentionally confirmed about the Biden administration for reasons I’ll get to in just a moment:

That CNN is the only thing Biden has been able to successfully “rescue” (albeit temporarily for one night, much in the same way an escort, ahem, “rescues” her client) since he took office in January indeed reveals an absolutely shameful and sobering commentary on this administration.

First, let’s start with considering what kind of paltry “rescue” this was. As Fox News media reporter Wulfsohn noted (if you read between the lines), even with Biden giving CNN their best numbers in nearly a month, they still badly trailed behind normally scheduled programming on rival cable news networks. This is not supposed to happen for town hall and debate-style broadcasts that involve the President of the United States, especially in times like these and with the knowledge in mind that people are desperate for answers from Biden — considering he rarely makes himself available for questions.


So, even in “rescuing” CNN for a night, Biden can’t even get that right.

But beyond that, think of his failures on other matters to date:

– He hasn’t rescued the economy; in fact, he’s undone much of the progress that was made under the Trump administration, with people leaving the workforce in record numbers for a variety of reasons, among them being scared sh**less by the fearmongering coming from Democrats including Biden. There’s also the inconvenient matter of inflation, the numbers of which are staggering for the so-called “recovery” president.

– He hasn’t rescued the country from the pandemic; instead he’s divided it with dictatorial coronavirus vaccine mandates while practically flashing his middle finger at those who do not comply, and then turning around and insulting our intelligence when he doesn’t follow the rules he sets for others.

– He hasn’t rescued every American who wants to be rescued from Afghanistan, something he promised would happen by August 31st. Further, we’ve recently learned that the administration lied about the numbers of stranded Americans left in the country. False narratives about the “most successful rescue effort ever” must be maintained, of course.

– He hasn’t rescued the southern border; he actually made it worse even before he was sworn-in, with comments made during the presidential campaign that were the equivalent of him placing a giant “Welcome” billboard at the Texas/Mexico border that read “our doors are wide open.” Worse, he put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the border crisis, and we all see the results of that terrible decision.


I could go on and on, but I think the point has been made.

Joe Biden has been a miserable failure so far at rescuing this country from what ails it. The reality of the matter is that his problems, by and large, are self-inflicted, with the American people bearing the brunt of the harsh consequences for them. This is what happens when you rely on shadowy co-presidents and self-important wokesters to tell you how to run things rather than manning up and actually making your own decisions based on careful considerations of all the facts.

One final thing: Just how does a good president “rescue” his country? Not by issuing record numbers of executive orders and not by instructing his departments to lord over the peasants in a kingly fashion. A good president rescues his country by working with Congress to help set the conditions and tweak the framework that will help grease the wheels that help America churn and individuals to chart their own course – and then he gets the hell out of the way.

Tucker Carlson was spot-on earlier this week when he suggested frustrated Americans “lower their expectations” – because this is Joe Biden’s America.

The 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election cannot come soon enough, as far as I’m concerned, because the rescue America desperately needs right now is a rescuing from Joe Biden.

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