Sparks Fly in Must-See Exchange After Reporter Presses White House on 'False Flag' Claims

AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky

Skepticism is building around the White House’s narrative regarding Ukraine and Russia, and that boiled over today during the press briefing at the US State Department. In a rare act of journalism, Matt Lee of the Associated Press excoriated State Department spokesman Ned Price in a must-see back and forth.


The issue at hand involved the Biden administration’s latest claims that Russia is spreading “misinformation” and seeking to commit a “false flag” attack to offer a pretext for war. While most reporters would have just accepted the government’s word as fact, Lee was having none of it. He lit into Price, comparing the claims to “crisis actors,” and describing them as “Alex Jones territory.”

The full five minutes is worth the watch.

The context of Lee’s frustration is simple: The government has, time and time again, shown itself to be completely untrustworthy in relaying information to the public. At times, the dishonesty has come via omission. At other times, it’s manifested in outright lies. In the exchange, the AP reporter cites the lead-up to the Iraq War and the Biden administration’s claims about Kabul not being in danger as examples of past falsehoods.


In short, we have Price making a serious claim about Russia trying to start a war while providing not an ounce of proof. In fact, the claim is couched in weasel words so as to provide wiggle room for the White House. Is it any wonder some reporters are finally getting fed up with being strung along by dishonest actors within the administration? Even the vast partisanship of the mainstream media has its limits.

A reporter for the Washington Post also chastised the administration for its behavior, noting that Jen Psaki pulled the same stunt on the same day (Thursday).

As I’ve shared before, the Biden administration’s messaging on the Ukraine situation is confusing at best and harmful at worst. While Ukraine’s own president has sought to deescalate tensions and calm his people, the White House has gone out of its way to sound the war drums. Further, Biden has acquiesced in regards to sanctions that could have actually put pressure on Russia to back down long before things got to this point. Whatever strategy is being pursued is incredibly contradictory and nonsensical.


But instead of explaining those discrepancies, the administration is content to accuse anyone who asks relevant questions of being agents of the Kremlin. It’s the same playbook the Democrats used throughout the Trump administration, but Trump is gone, and at least some members of the media seem to have had enough.

Still, I wouldn’t expect to see this become a trend. While reporters like Lee and others in the State Department pool have a reputation for no-nonsense questioning, the vast majority of the reporters in the White House pool are absolute hacks. There’s no reason to believe that will change.


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