Biden Veers Into 'Worst President Ever' Territory

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We’ve seen a lot of very bad poll numbers when it comes to Joe Biden, and the numbers only seem to be getting worse.

His approval cratered to as low as 33 percent approval in a January Quinnipiac poll. He’s down with all groups and across all categories. A recent poll showed Americans rejecting big time his approaches on Ukraine, SCOTUS, and the economy, with 75 percent thinking the economy was poor, and 76 percent rejecting that he only consider a black woman nominee for the SCOTUS vacancy.


A Rasmussen poll from a few days ago even found that 50 percent of likely voters back impeaching Biden over issues like the border and Afghanistan. That even included the incredible number — 34 percent — of Democrats. Perhaps worst of all is the general overall opinion of where America is: 72 percent of Americans think that the country is heading in the wrong direction under Joe Biden. All those are just killer numbers.

The latest poll from Rasmussen now shows Biden veering into “worst ever” territory.

According to Rasmussen, “Most voters think President Joe Biden is one of the worst ever to hold the office, and rank him below his two immediate predecessors in the White House.”

In three questions, Rasmussen asked voters to assess Biden, former President Donald Trump, and former President Barack Obama. They were asked if each will be remembered as the best, worst, or just average.

Here’s what they found.


34% said one of the best ever.
33% said one of the worst ever.
30% said about average.


41% best ever.
43% worst ever.
12% about average.


15% best.
54% worst.
25% average.

You can see Trump, being Trump, has highs at both ends, representing Democrats and Republican extremes, showing many think he’s the “best ever.” That’s a high number for best ever. Even Obama shows that party split, but Trump has better numbers for “best ever.”


But when it comes to Biden, it’s mostly stacked toward the “worst” side, with 54 percent — most American voters polled — thinking he’s the worst ever. They even had more Democrats thinking he was the worst over the best, 28 to 27 percent. That’s a significant number, particularly after the first year, showing just how badly he’s done and how bad it’s been for all of us.

When you start looking at historic worsts like Jimmy Carter, and he starts looking good to you by comparison, you know that Biden is in deep trouble and that’s where we’re at now.


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