Woke White Leftists Hardest Hit as Latino Groups Set to Give ‘Latinx’ Term a Fiery Death

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It’s become common knowledge even in the most feverish of left-wing fever swamps that white progressives in reality do not give a royal rip what the minority groups who they claim to want to represent and protect really think about the issues facing Americans of all backgrounds every day.


We’ve seen this on a number of “woke” fronts over the last decade or so, with one recent example being the prog left’s obsession with canceling the Washington Redskins, excuse me, Washington Football Team because they previously refused to back down from using a name that appeared to primarily offend white liberals and not most Native Americans (and by “Native Americans” I mean actual ones, not Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren).

Though the NFL team eventually caved and then some after the activist left wore them down, one group that has made it clear that they won’t back down from a similar and more current fight are various Latino organizations, who are now actively pushing to effectively cancel the use of the Dem/media-endorsed term “Latinx” in official documents and the like because pretty much no one in the Latino community cares for it:

Elected officials, a major newspaper and the oldest Latino civil rights organization in the U.S. have all spoken out strongly in recent weeks against the continued use of “Latinx,” the gender-neutral term promoted by progressives to describe people of Spanish-speaking origin.

Why it matters: The pushback highlights some generational, class and regional divisions among Latinos as their numbers and influence grow in the U.S. It also reflects a movement by some Latinos to define themselves rather than be labeled by predominantly white progressives and Latino academics who advocate for using the term.


Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.), head of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’ campaign arm, announced last month his congressional staff is not allowed to use “Latinx” in official communications.

Days after Gallego’s tweet, Domingo García, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, instructed staff and board members to drop the word “Latinx” from the group’s official communications, NBC Latino’s Suzanne Gamboa reported.


The “major newspaper” Axios referred to in their report was the Miami Herald, which in an editorial last month said liberals needed to stop using the term primarily because it wasn’t popular with Latinos. But the larger issue, the Herald pointed out, was that such terms helped Republicans make inroads with the Latino community in critical battleground states like Florida – and we can’t have that:

Every time a Democratic politician uses the term, a Republican operative celebrates. It’s just what the GOP needs to make the case that Democrats are too busy being “woke” to worry about the everyday-life concerns of Americans. Of course, Democrats have more to blame than just a word for the inroads Donald Trump made into those communities in South Florida last November. The Democratic Party is struggling to land the right message with voters and has been notoriously absent from the Hispanic community until the eve of elections.

The editorial was written six months after another one the liberally biased paper wrote where they insulted Hispanics who vote for Republicans for having the nerve not to drink the liberal Kool-Aid. Obviously, the piece backfired.

In any event, good on the Latino community for pushing back hard against the white progressives who claim to speak on their behalf. Like the failed Defund the Police movement, it’s another reminder that sanity can prevail when so-called “marginalized” people in this country decide to unite and tell woke leftists “enough is enough.”


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