White Progressives Don’t Care What Black and Brown People Think and the GOP Should Take Notice

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One of the most annoying – and destructive – characteristics of the white progressive elites is that they always think they know what is best for us poor, besotted people of color. This tendency shows up in a slew of issues in which they are out of touch with black and brown Americans. The way this plays out in the political realm is that Democrats and far-leftists will support policies or cultural messages that are not favored by minorities and oppose ideas that black and brown people support.

For starters, far-left white progressives years ago championed a new way to refer to Latinos or Hispanics because they took issue with the fact that Spanish is a gendered language. Instead of using the traditional “Latino” or “Hispanic” terms, they came up with the gender-neutral “Latinx.” RedState’s Joe Cunningham explained:

The term “Latinx” is used by a handful of far-left Hispanic politicians and activists, but its primary usage is perceived to be from rich, white elites who are out of touch with the Hispanic community and its needs. A more “inclusive” designation isn’t needed right now.

Several polls have revealed that the vast majority of Hispanic/Latino voters do not favor the term “Latinx.” Indeed, a sizeable percentage view the term as offensive. A recent Politico poll revealed that only two percent refer to themselves as Latinx while 68 percent call themselves “Hispanic” or “Latino/Latina.”

About 40 percent indicated they were offended by “Latinx,” and 30 percent said they would be less likely to support a politician who uses the term.

Nevertheless, the hard left continues to refer to these individuals as “Latinx” despite the fact that Hispanics/Latinos clearly do not like the moniker. White progressives do not care that Hispanics/Latinos do not wish to be referred to this way. But don’t EVER fail to use the appropriate pronouns for a transgender individual around them unless you want to unleash the white progressive Karen that resides within all melanin-challenged leftists.

Another example is the “Defund the Police” movement, which has died an agonizing death after crime rates skyrocketed in cities that slashed their law enforcement budgets. After the murder of George Floyd and the riots and protests that followed, white progressives and their black progressive tap-dancing lackeys decided the best way to safeguard black lives was to ensure that there were fewer police officers patrolling their communities.

Predictably, violent crime rates soared in cities like Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and others. Most of the victims of these crimes were black Americans, the very people progressives pretend to care about. While these leftists claimed they only wished to reallocate some funds towards decreasing negative interactions with law enforcement, the actual result was less efficient law enforcement departments and fewer officers on the streets, which placed the lives of black Americans in danger.

That’s right. While these virtue-signaling white progressives sipped pumpkin spice lattes in their affluent communities, black men were being gunned down in the streets because the defunded police could not keep up with all the carnage.

Of course, if these elitists actually bothered to speak with black people, they would know that fewer police officers is the last thing they want. A Gallup poll conducted last year demonstrated that 81 percent of black Americans want the same level of police activity in their communities or more. They are not on board with decreasing police activity.

I addressed this issue in an appearance on Fox News Primetime when I explained that I support police reform but not defunding the police. What I said is precisely how most black people feel as well.

But again, white progressives do not care what black people think about the police and crime in their communities. They believe they know best despite the fact that their track record is as dismal as President Joe Biden’s approval ratings.

Last, but most certainly not least, we have the issue of school choice. Despite the fact that black parents overwhelmingly support the idea that they should be able to choose where their children go to school, white progressives fight tooth and nail against this idea. I suppose Democrats are only pro-choice when it comes to killing babies – especially black babies.

RedState’s Joe Cunningham also laid this situation out nicely:

There is a racial divide among Democrats on the issue of charter schools, as most white Democrats oppose charter schools while black and Hispanic Democrats are supportive of them. This divide can really be understood when you consider the state of schools where many minority students feel “trapped,” unable to escape situations that are not conducive to the type of educational and social advancement many parents are trying to help their children achieve.

The numbers bear out what Cunningham wrote. An Edchoice survey conducted in May showed that black parents are more likely than white parents to support school choice. The report explained:

While school choice policies are overwhelmingly popular across all major demographics, Black parents were particularly supportive. When given a description, Black parents are more likely to say they support a school choice policy than white parents. For charter schools, 74 percent of Black parents are supportive compared to 73 percent of white parents. Support for vouchers is substantially higher, at 81 percent among Black parents, ten percentage points higher than the supportive share of white parents. Notably, there was essentially no difference in support between low-income Black parents and high-income Black parents.

But alas, white progressives do not care that black parents want to choose where their kids go to school. Indeed, they are not even interested in improving the quality of education for black children because it would make it more likely that these black students will be more successful later in life. Democrats can’t have too many black folks lifting themselves out of poverty, can they?

Of course, none of this comes as a surprise. But more and more, minorities are becoming dissatisfied with the Democratic Party. This does not automatically mean they will become Republicans. However, this nascent trend in thinking provides an opportunity that the GOP would be foolish to ignore.

Now is the time for the conservative movement to start re-engaging with minority communities. It seems many on the right are finally starting to realize this. The question is, will the GOP’s leadership finally take notice?


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