Hispanic Voters Respond Accordingly After Terry McAuliffe Says Most Insulting Thing He Possibly Could to Them

During Donald Trump’s presidency, a panic began to set in among Democrats who understood that without a virtual lock on the “minority” vote, their chances of winning elections would become increasingly difficult to near-impossible in some cases, especially in battleground parts of the country.


The panic was in response to Trump making significant inroads with Hispanic voters during the course of his time in office, which was reflected in the 2020 election results which saw a noticeable shift in places where Hispanics who normally reliably went left instead turned to Trump and Republicans. There was evidence of this shift in the Gavin Newsom recall election effort as well, also reflected in the final results.

So with that in mind, we turn to embattled Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe, who is now in a desperate fight to shore up base voters as the battle between him and Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin is now a dead-heat, all brought on by McAuliffe doubling down on a catastrophic declaration he made during a debate last month about how “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

In the video clip below, you see McAuliffe during an apparent campaign stop for Hispanic voters quite bluntly telling them they needed to “get busy … relatively quickly” procreating in order to increase the chances of Democrats winning elections. Watch:

I cannot think of a more insulting thing to say to any group of minority voters, whether they be women, black, Hispanic, etc. I mean McAuliffe is all but literally saying here that Hispanic voters can’t think independently and owe their votes to the Democratic party without question. It’s eerily reminiscent of then-Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden last year insulting black voters by telling them “you ain’t black” if you don’t support his campaign.


It’s a terrible look, an admission of the “quiet part out loud” about the Democratic party’s low opinion of the minority communities they claim to want to protect.

Some members of the “Latinos for Youngkin” group responded accordingly:

Fernando Espinoza, also with “Latinos for Youngkin,” weighed in as well, tweeting that “We are more than a statistic, and we are voting for @GlennYoungkin because he has actively reached out to us and will create the best state in America to live, work, and raise a family.”

Between this, McAuliffe’s repeated smearing of concerned parents over the CRT issue and other educational matters, the wavering of independent voters towards Youngkin, and former Virginia Dem governor Doug Wilder (who is black) unloading on McAuliffe’s pandering towards black voters, it’s no wonder McAuliffe has been storming off interviews with reporters and has resorted to buying “fake news” ads and appearing on wacko left-wing conspiracy theorist Joy Reid’s program on MSNBC to try and convince voters he’s a “uniter.”


These are in no way the actions of a confident candidate and campaign going into the homestretch. This guy is on the ropes. And he knows it.

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