The Hispanic Community Has Spoken...Again: White Leftists Need to Lay Off the "Latinx" Label

No one is more “inclusive” than white leftists, and that “inclusivity” will be thrust upon everyone even if the people they’re being “inclusive” toward don’t want that kind of “inclusivity.”


For instance, the Hispanic community has made it clear repeatedly that they do not like the “Latinx” label that the left and mainstream media sources have been throwing around when talking about their community.

Back in March of 2020, a poll was conducted by Gallup that asked members of the Hispanic community how they wanted to be identified. The answer was overwhelming with 69 percent of respondents answering “Hispanic” and 33 percent answering “Latino.” Only two percent of respondents liked the term Latinx.

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The left likely saw this poll and didn’t care as they continued to use the “Latinx” term in various places. Corporations even got in on the label with zero regard for the preferences of the community they were addressing.

Fast forward to an updated poll from Gallup and the numbers have changed a bit, but not enough to make a difference. The term “Hispanic” is still overwhelmingly preferred at 57 percent. “Latino” is up to 37 percent.

“Latinx” is still limping to the barn with 5 percent. A rise of three points.

To be fair, most indicated that in the end, the label they used doesn’t really matter, but when asked if they had to choose the numbers above were the result.

Will this matter to white leftists who insist our society continues to use “inclusive” social justice terminology? Yes, but only because they see that the acceptance of their terminology rose by three points.


If the left is all about respecting the wishes and desires of minority communities, they’d cease using the “Latinx” term immediately. Anyone using it would be publicly squelched…but that won’t happen. The left doesn’t actually care about what a minority community wants, they only care about how useful that community can be in the advancement of its narratives and agendas.

At this time, they’re using the Hispanic community to push language control, and language control is a big part of the leftist strategy. If you can control the language, you can control the conversation.

That three percent gain is going to be their green light to continue pushing the “Latinx” label, a label they don’t push on other races.

The left is not the party of minorities. They’re the party of minority manipulation.


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