SF Chronicle Details What Kamala Harris Has Really Been up to All This Time

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Despite bringing in a crisis comms manager in August in an attempt to get her office’s messaging game on track, Vice President Kamala Harris’s woes continue, most recently as it relates to her failed “root causes” visit to the Northern Triangle from June which has come back into the spotlight thanks to some rather revealing comments made by Guatemala’s President Alejandro Giammattei last week.


For those who missed them, Giammattei said during an interview that outside of her one visit and outside of speaking with President Biden once to introduce himself, that he has had no “direct communication” with Biden or Harris as it relates to the border crisis, a troubling comment considering Guatemala is one of three countries (including Honduras, and El Salvador) the White House says is crucial to helping get to the “root causes” of the issues at the border.

Making matters worse was that in response to Giammattei’s remarks, a White House staffer tried to absolve the White House from accusations they were putting the crisis on the back burner by tweeting – and then deleting – a “we met today” tweet.

But though Harris has gotten a lot of bad press over the last several months due primarily to the fact that she’s a very ineffective “leader,” some in the media are still in “rescue Kamala” mode, as evidenced by a recent San Francisco Chronicle piece that tried to run interference for her on multiple fronts in part by insinuating some of the coverage of the issues in her office has been frivolous.

Oddly enough, though, it was the Chronicle that was responsible for adding to what they hinted was a frivolity in coverage by writing a separate piece detailing how Harris had “redecorated” the vice president’s office in a way they suggested was more suitable for a woman of color. Here are some photos from their visit:


From the piece, we learned that the walls have been painted a softer color to make the room appear “warmer” and that a “nearly white set” of couches are there in place of patterned couches. There are also art pieces that they say are befitting of the “first woman, woman of color, Black woman and first graduate of a historically Black university or college”:

The office where Harris hosted The Chronicle for a recent interview has been overhauled since photographs were released of it early this year showing sparse decoration and navy blue walls. The room is warmer, painted a light shade of blue, and the patterned couches have been swapped for a nearly white set. Her desk was built by Navy Seabees from timbers of the USS Constitution, the oldest ship still afloat.

But it is what hangs on Harris’ walls that speak the loudest, with carefully curated art pieces that reflect how she differs from the 48 men who held the role before her. Harris is the first woman, woman of color, Black woman and first graduate of a historically Black university or college to be vice president.


Well, I guess we’re better off now knowing what she’s been up to all these months, in between making weird space council videos and visiting bakeries in Chicago and Newark as the border crisis worsens. I mean I don’t know about y’all but I’m comforted by the fact that the VP’s office now has a fresher, brighter, more modern look to it.

On a more serious note, considering the Chronicle’s emphasis on Kamala’s “firsts,” I’d like to emphasize a point I’ve made before on that front. Being the “first” whatever really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans to the average voter, especially if you keep demonstrating that not only are you really, really bad at what you do (which Harris often does) but also that you’re about as genuine as a $3 bill.


The vast majority of Harris’s problems are self-inflicted, especially on the issues of her inauthenticity and her “job performance” to date, something even the Biden White House apparently realizes considering the talk swirling about dumping her in 2024. Because as it turns out, an even bigger issue than the “message” in this particular case is the messenger – Harris herself.


And there is not a crisis comms manager on earth who can fix that Herculean problem.

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