White House Manages to Make Troubling Kamala/Guatemalan President Story so Much Worse

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We reported earlier on how during a recent interview, Guatemala’s President Alejandro Giammattei stated that he had not heard from President Biden nor Vice President Harris since Harris’s disastrous June trip to the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. These were countries we were previously informed by press secretary Jen Psaki were where Harris needed to be focused in order to address the alleged “root causes” of illegal immigration, specifically as it relates to the record-shattering border surges we’ve seen since Biden and Harris took office.


To quickly recap, here’s what Giammattei told Fox News anchor John Roberts:

“We had many conversations with your ambassador, but [between] my presidency and the White House, no. I spoke once to Joe Biden because I introduced myself. Then we had the visit of Vice President Harris. On matters of state and migration, we had Mr. Alejandro Mayorkas. Aside from that direct communication, no we have not had it.”


When asked if he feels the U.S. is a partner in economic development and trying to lift Guatemalans out of poverty, Giammattei remarked, “The day I meet [Biden] personally, I will ask him.”

Apparently, the Biden White House was not amused by Giammattei essentially confirming what many of us already knew, in that that Biden and Harris weren’t doing their jobs on the border crisis.

In response to the damaging report, Juan Gonzalez, whose Twitter bio lists him as “Special Assistant to @POTUS and #NSC Senior Director for the Western Hemisphere,” tweeted last night that “we met today…,” perhaps thinking that it would make the Biden administration look better.

Except it didn’t, for reasons Heritage comms guy John Cooper explained, first by noting that the interview was “obviously pre-taped”:


And then by pointing to the fact that Gonzalez at some point had deleted the tweet he thought absolved the White House from accusations they were putting the crisis on the back burner:

It’s not clear who Gonzalez was referring to by “we” in his now-deleted tweet. Was it Biden, Harris, or merely lower-level members of the Biden administration? I suspect if it was the higher-ups, we’d have heard about it from the media at this point.

Imagine thinking that noting your team “met” with the world leader who you’ve ignored for six months after he raised the issue with a reporter is a good idea. Who does this? Staff members of the Biden-Harris White House, many of whom — especially the Kamala apologists — just continue to demonstrate that maybe they need their Twitter accounts deleted or access severely restricted, because just like their bosses, they’re severely lacking in self-awareness, not to mention are just not very good at what they do.


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