Kamala Harris Is Again Asked About Visiting the Border, Her Reaction This Time Might Be Her Worst

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As we reported Tuesday, Kamala Harris did a disastrous interview with NBC News anchor Lester Holt this week where she was pressed on if she “had any plans to visit” the southern border. She gave a defensive and hostile response that didn’t come close to addressing the question, which has been standard operating procedure for this White House every time the question gets asked.


“At some point…” she began answering before falsely claiming to Holt multiple times that “we’ve been to the border.” When Holt corrected her, Harris “joked” by telling him that she also had not been to Europe, and then said that she didn’t understand his point (which, ironically, is sort of the problem here).

It was an absolutely terrible look for the Vice President of the United States, made all the worse by the way White House press secretary Jen Psaki childishly responded to legit criticisms from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and other prominent Republicans over it in the aftermath.

But as we later learned, her Holt interview was only the beginning of an unintentionally embarrassing week for the embattled VP. Because not only did she completely undercut her arguments against visiting the southern border while giving prepared remarks during a Mexico City presser, but when another reporter tried to clear the air on if she had any intentions of visiting the border at some point, she proceeded to roll her eyes before again lying about visiting it:

I guess that was supposed to be better than the cackling response to another instance where she was asked the question during her trip this week?

I’m sure I sound like a broken record at this point but to emphasize a point my colleague Jennifer O’Connell has also made, Kamala Harris is simply not very good at what she does. In addition to avoiding a trip to the border, she sounds like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about half the time. She cackles in order to get out of answering inconvenient questions, and she routinely dodges certain reporters because they supposedly “don’t understand” her.


Even worse, she cannot even get the simple things right, like tweets about “the long holiday weekend” aka Memorial Day holiday weekend.

If Harris would rather continue to virtue-signal about how much she cares instead of visiting the border to personally see the results of the Biden White House’s failed policies concerning illegal immigration, then she needs to step aside and allow the job to be given to someone who is more up to the task.

It’s just that simple, and yet for this administration, they have a remarkably self-defeating penchant for making the simple so ridiculously complicated.

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