Chuck Todd Lets Cat out of the Bag on Media’s Obsession With New COVID Variant

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The mainstream media’s obsession with the new COVID variant named “Omicron” is here, and it will only get worse in the aftermath of the new hypocritical travel bans the Biden administration announced Friday that will take effect on Monday.


For those still harboring the notion that journalists at national news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and the like are focusing like laser beams on Omicron out of concern for how it may negatively impact the American people, news anchors at both NBC News and ABC News gave the game away during rather revealing segments this morning where they fretted on how a potential mass outbreak of the new variant on par with the Delta variant could … hurt Joe Biden and Democrats next year.

First up was “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd, never one to shy away from going full-blown lapdog for Democrats when he feels the occasion calls for it (which is quite often). In the below segment from the “Today Sunday” show, we see him talking to “Morning Joe” co-host and “Today Sunday” host Willie Geist about Omicron and how Joe Biden should use it to seize back control of the narrative on the pandemic about how Republicans were anti-vaccine/mask mandates, insinuating Republicans were dangerous for America going into 2022.

Does Biden “use the bully pulpit [to] pushback at all this vaccine misinformation that’s out there, and grab a hold of this?” Todd frantically wondered, suggesting none of the other things Biden does matters unless/until COVID is in the rearview mirror, and advising him to be “more front and center” on the response to COVID that he allegedly has been in recent months:


As a side note, I saw several liberals on Twitter complaining earlier about how Todd allegedly doesn’t invite Democrats on his shows often and instead chooses to bring on Republican guests. Apparently, these guys aren’t satisfied that Todd apparently views himself as the Democrat and “bully pulpit” during his program and likely doesn’t feel the need to add one to the roster.

But I digress.

On to the ABC News segment, watch below as ABC News deputy political director Averi Harper was asked by colleague Rachel Scott about “how much of a challenge” the new variant was to President Biden politically. Harper proceeded to note how it “could pose a significant threat” to the “progress” Joe Biden has allegedly made on other fronts:


I don’t doubt that there is genuine concern among some in the media regarding the threat that the Omicron variant could pose to the American people is real, but you’re going to find that more on a local level with ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates in your city much more than you’re going to find from the national media. Local reporters have far more interactions and connections with their communities and (with exceptions) feel far more accountable to the people who view and read their stories.

But as the case has always been from the very start of this, the particular concerns with the national press are more in line with how they can use the coronavirus politically to hurt Republicans and advance the Democratic agenda. We saw it play out repeatedly last year in various ways, including how they – along with Democrats like Biden and Harris – undermined possible treatment options for the coronavirus, including Trump’s touting of hydroxychloroquine as well as his repeated assertions that a vaccine was likely to be available for distribution and administration by the end of the year.

In short, for our intellectual betters in the MSM, it’s not about the public health so much as it is about the public’s perception as to who is supposedly “doing more” to help the country get back to normal.


It’s very rare we get such candid admissions from reporters at the Big Three television networks, but we thank them for it all the same. Puts many things in a much clearer perspective as we head into the midterm campaign season.

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