Reporter's Smug 'Flag This' Tweet From May on Trump's End-of-Year Vaccine Prediction Did Not Age Well

As my RedState colleague Bonchie has documented, the receipts have come due for many in the mainstream media and on the left regarding their deliberate downplaying and poohpoohing President Trump’s predictions throughout the pandemic about how we’d see a Wuhan virus vaccine by the end of the year.


There is one in particular that arguably stands out among the rest as the worst, and it comes from Jessica Huserman.

According to Huserman’s Twitter bio, she is a ProPublica reporter as well as a CNN analyst. CNN’s reporters and analysts were among the worst offenders on the issue of making predictions that ultimately proved wrong about when a vaccine would become available, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that Huserman was among the many whose tweets didn’t age well.

But it was the smugness and surety of her reply to Trump’s declaration back in May about when the vaccine might be ready that made her tweet worth revisiting, in addition to her confident “flag this” note, as though beyond a shadow of a doubt she knew there would be no vaccine before the end of Trump’s presidency:

Not surprisingly, it has been flagged and then some by people eager to throw the media’s words back in their faces after 8+ months of their dumping cold water on Trump every time he mentioned possible treatments for the coronavirus like hydroxychloroquine and others. It was almost as though media figures didn’t want a treatment for the virus to be approved and made available to people until after they could declare Trump “lost” the election and could start giving credit for America’s impending coronavirus “recovery” to Biden.


Beyond that, the damage the mainstream media has done this year alone when it comes to people being able to trust that the various “analysts” and “medical experts” are free from biases that may taint their commentary on the coronavirus may never be able to be undone – which is a big problem for which the media has only itself to blame:

While Trump didn’t have a crystal ball to be able to know exactly when the vaccine would be ready, he did appear to understand that putting intense amounts of public pressure on drug companies, hitting all the right buttons, and touting the successes of Operation Warp Speed would help light the necessary fires that would ensure vaccine availability by the end of the year.


What shouldn’t get lost in all the media celebrations over the vaccine’s rollout is just who had a major hand in expediting it from the very start. Hint: It wasn’t Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, nor was it their media allies. It was the one guy who they routinely claimed with supreme confidence could not and would not be able to get it done.


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