Joe Biden Is Avoiding the Media Again and Reporters Are Starting to Notice

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President Joe Biden’s most recent press conference was last Thursday, and while that was only a few days ago, a heckuva a lot has happened since then, like the massive southern border surge we saw in videos last week, CENTCOM’s acknowledgment that a U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan killed 10 innocent civilians including seven children, and the hostage situation in Mazar-i-Sharif.


As Biden himself once infamously said on a hot mic during his time as President Obama’s veep, issues like these are a “big f***in'” deal, and the American people deserve to hear directly from the President himself on them rather than his handlers.

But as per the norm that’s not happening, and mainstream media journalists are beginning to notice it and call him out for it. For instance, during today’s press briefing, Fox Business White House correspondent Edward Lawrence asked press secretary Jen Psaki when they’d get to question Biden directly again. Her short response to him was to essentially tell him that he and his media colleagues should be happy they got what they did out of him last week:

Needless to say, that’s not a good look.


Both Bloomberg News senior reporter Jennifer Jacobs and CBS News reporter Kathryn Watson also noted in photo tweets that Biden didn’t take questions when he returned to the White House earlier today (shortly before lunch?) after spending a few days on vacation at Rehoboth Beach nor when he left for a trip to New York City:

“The Hill” media reporter/columnist Joe Concha made the rather obvious point about how there have been “a few things” that “have happened since” Biden held his last presser, with the clear insinuation being that he needs to step to the mic again to face the press:


Considering the bizarre answers Psaki gave during today’s press briefing on some of the pressing issues we need answers from Biden on, it probably would have been better if we’d heard directly from him than her.

Then again, considering his penchant for embarrassing flubs, gaffes, bad “jokes,” embellishing stories, and sometimes forgetting important details, maybe it’s best we didn’t.

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