Doddering White House Resident Rants About GOP Governors and Spins Conspiracy Theories

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The local White House resident emerged today to give a short speech about something or another. To be honest, I’m not really sure what the occasion was, but the result was more ranting about the evils of Republican governors mixed with conspiracy theories about gas prices. You see, nothing that is transpiring is Joe Biden’s fault. Rather, it’s the fault of shadowy partisans purposely trying to kneecap his presidency.


Yeah, that’s it.

For once, Biden’s shot wasn’t really aimed at Ron DeSantis, though, he’s no doubt on Biden’s mind here. Instead, he was likely aiming at Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves, who recently hit Biden’s order as tyrannical (fact-check: true). Further, the mention of children here is, as has been shown many times, nonsensical. One, there’s not even a vaccine approved for use in children yet (12 and under), so how does not having a federal vaccine mandate affect them? Two, if the worry is about exposing children to COVID-19 via unvaccinated adults, the science says healthy children are at essentially no risk, and that includes developing so-called “long COVID.” In short, Biden just wanted to mention children because he thinks he can emotionally manipulate people.

Regardless, I would define the worst kind of politics as being those that use the federal government to stomp on individual rights under the guise of a crisis. Given that, Biden is projecting enough here to operate a movie theater. Everything he’s doing or is responsible for, he puts onto others.


That theme continued when he suggested high gas prices were the result of a conspiracy.

What evidence is Biden speaking of? Oil prices are hanging around their highest point in the last year. Are we to believe there’s some secret agreement to keep gas prices high to hurt Biden’s presidency? Or is the more logical explanation that canceling pipelines and federal leases actually have an impact? I’m going to go with the latter.

Finally, the president whined about billionaires.

If you’ve followed my prior articles, you know my thoughts on this. If major corporations don’t want to pay higher tax rates, they should stop bankrolling Democrat candidates. Wall Street overwhelmingly supported Joe Biden. Now, he’s trying to raise the capital gains tax to 25%. I’m not personally in favor of that, but I also think the electoral dynamics will never change until these woke corporations and financial firmers feel the pain of their choices a bit. Hopefully, it’s a lesson they only have to learn once.


Past that, Biden seems to be suggesting that major corporations got rich during the pandemic by sheer chance or some form of corruption. No, they got rich during the pandemic because politicians like Joe Biden supported pointless lockdowns and strangled small businesses. That’s why Amazon is thriving while Main Street is dying.

I’m old enough to remember when Biden used to brag about the buck stopping with him. He was going to be a president who took responsibility, unlike that dirty orange man. Yet, here we are, with yet another embarrassing performance in which the president pretends his policies have no effect on the country. They do, and those effects have been terrible.


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