Psaki's Response Is Bad When Asked About the Mistake of Drone Killing Children

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was back at the podium today after ducking out on Friday, avoiding answering on a manifold of crises for Joe Biden and the administration.


Psaki was asked about the admission on Friday by the U.S. CENTCOM that the drone strike in Kabul that they had previously claimed took out an ISIS member coming to attack the airport in fact didn’t take out any ISIS people — that it just killed 10 innocent people, mostly from one family, with seven children being killed.

Psaki’s response? That he knows what loss is like because he’s personally suffered loss and “overseen it.”

Yes, Biden has suffered a lot of loss. But he and Psaki keep pulling it out whenever he gets into trouble and they use it as an emotional shield to try to blunt any criticism and questions. That’s just wrong and quite frankly an offensive use of the deaths of his children. We’ve all experienced loss. It’s not an excuse for incompetent action that got 13 Americans and more than 170 Afghans killed. It’s not an excuse for drone striking a family on very thin-reed evidence. Maybe you could show you actually care about the people killed by concentrating on them and not deflecting with this move?


If it was really a tragedy to Biden, he wouldn’t have gone off to the beach after being informed, he would have stayed in town and apologized for it. He couldn’t be bothered, leaving the military to take the heat for it.

Then Fox’s Peter Doocy pointed to the continuing potential problem here: the “intelligence” that this was supposedly based on and on which they claim they will depend in the future. How much is that “over the horizon” capacity — which the Biden team including Psaki bragged about — worth now with the acknowledgement of how wrong this strike was?


Psaki then claimed that this strike and the prior drone strike which they claim took out two ISIS-K people were “self-defense strikes,” not “over the horizon” strikes — despite the fact that she and the Biden Administration had called them “over the horizon” and evidence of that capability. So she’s just completely changing the facts from how the strikes were previously described.

Why? Because once again this shows how incompetent they were and completely throws that claim under the bus. Plus they still haven’t provided support for the first drone strike against “ISIS-K” being “successful.” They wouldn’t even provide the names of the alleged “high-level” people. That’s how you know something is wrong there, as well.

Is anyone going to be held accountable for this tragic mistake? Nope, it’s the Biden Administration, where no one is responsible for anything.



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