Biden Goes Off the Rails in a Gaffe-Arama, Including One Word That Has People Talking

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden was talking about the Wuhan coronavirus and vaccines again today.

I think he tries to talk about the virus all the time because he was left in great shape by President Donald Trump so he had a plan off of which to work. He wants to focus on that because everything else, like the border, is either a complete mess or someplace where he’s trying to slip something through, as with his bills on infrastructure and elections. He doesn’t want a lot of attention to those areas, because attention and actually understanding what he’s trying to do would inspire more people to oppose them.


But even when Biden is talking about a subject on which he should be fairly safe, he’s still always getting into trouble because he’s Joe Biden.

So here he goes. He’s going to “slip some vaccines” directly to pediatricians.

Why would Biden be “slipping” some vaccines to them? Sounds like there’s something funky when you use that term. Until recently vaccines weren’t given to kids. Now, the FDA is expected to approve the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for teens ages 12-15, perhaps sooner than next week, according to the AP.

But that was only the start. It got worse. That’s when he appeared to say a word that you’re likely never going to hear again in a public statement from any President:

Robo Joe really has no idea what he’s saying. Sure sounds like he said cum, although some think gum. He’s sparked the debate: did he say gum or cum? I’ve listened to it multiple times now, and it’s still not clear. Either way, he said something twice that wasn’t the “dot gov” it was supposed to be. He’s still having trouble reading the teleprompter. Remember, this is the guy who says that “poor kids” don’t know words and maybe they should listen to the record player. I’m thinking Joe needs that record player now because whatever he’s listening to is scrambling his brain.


Then he went on to confuse the CDC with CCD. CCD is the Catholic religious instruction program for kids.

So we’re all getting Catholic religious instruction now?

On top of all that, Biden set a really low goal for vaccinations by July and still acted as though he’d have an issue with July 4 gatherings until he had proof that people were being ‘good’ and acting in accordance with what he was saying.

Again, Joe, you may not have noticed, but people are returning to normal whether you say we’re there or we can or not. You don’t control us.



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