Media Demands Answers From Jen Psaki on Dumbest Take of Day: Border Patrol, Haitians, and Whips

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

I knew it was coming. I guess dealing with liberal media for a long time, you can see immediately how they will twist stories.

As we reported, Texas DPS officers were able to stop the influx in Del Rio, Texas by flooding the area with a lot of officers and vehicles and they were able to physically interdict them.


But when I saw law enforcement officers that look like a Border Patrol unit on horses trying to stop Haitians from entering the country in Del Rio, Texas near the International Bridge, I knew that media would somehow twist it into something racist.

Right on cue, here come the stories — they’re now being spread in real-time. But I have to admit, they’re even dumber and more outrageous than even I would have thought.

Now, according to some of the stories like VICE, they’re claiming that U.S. border agents were “whipping” the Haitian migrants.

They don’t explain how you can be whipping someone and grabbing them with the same hand at the same time. Obviously a superhuman guy.

Then the story is being amplified by crazy radicals like Jemele Hill and a lot of other media.


The problem? These people have no idea what reins are. The officers are trying to discourage folks from illegally entering the U.S. So yes, they’re blocking the people and telling them to go back to Mexico from whence they came. There was no whipping and no pictures that support this claim. But that didn’t stop the folks on the left from spreading it and attacking the CBP.

Here comes PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor, spreading the lie to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Here they are literally asking about something that never happened.

There are no pictures/videos of anyone being using “whips” or being “whipped.” At most, you have one agent twirling his reins. This is to try to hold off a sea of people trying to illegally enter. Where’s the concern for the officers who had to deal with all this and are valiantly protecting the country after the Biden Administration has failed to do so?


Naturally, Psaki being Psaki she doesn’t just say that it didn’t happen and this is a nonsense story. She immediately throws the CBP under the bus and says no one would think it was appropriate. But if this happened under President Donald Trump, they would never allow that response and they would attack him for three days over it. So because it’s Biden they just let that response slide. Will they now excoriate the Biden Administration for this great evil (that didn’t happen)? Probably not, any more than they did for the “cages” that he kept.


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