White House Cuts Audio as Joe Biden Jokes About Stranded Americans

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Joe Biden’s inability to control his faculties has become more and more obvious over the last seven-plus months of his presidency. In what is almost certainly a symptom of his declining mental state, the president has had numerous angry outbursts and tone-deaf moments since taking office. Today was the scene of another awkward interaction that crossed the line into being outright offensive.


While talking about cybersecurity — because there’s apparently nothing more important going on — NBC News’ Peter Alexander asked Biden about what would happen if Americans still remain in Afghanistan after the 8/31 deadline.

That’s when the White House cut the audio feed to obscure his answer.

Luckily, there was a radio pooler in attendance who was recording and we now know what the president said. Per Alexander and multiple other people in the room, Biden actually made a joke about the Americans left stranded in the collapsed, war-torn nation, cracking a smile as he did so.

You can see why they cut the audio.

I know it’s cliche, but take a trip with me and imagine this were Donald Trump (or really any Republican) joking about Americans being trapped behind enemy lines due to a situation of his own making. I don’t think I’m exaggerating by saying it would be a two-month news cycle much like the false Russian bounty story. There’d be mental health “experts” on CNN saying he’s unfit for office while seven-member MSNBC panels ripped him apart as tone-deaf and insulting.


Yet, because this is Joe Biden, no one says anything. It’s the starkest double standard in politics.

Regardless, on the merits, this is about as gross as it gets. Just this morning, I read the harrowing account of an American citizen from New Jersey who has tried to get to the Kabul airport multiple times. She’s been turned back and is now hiding out in her home with a group of SIV applicants who were also denied passage. These people have nowhere to go and are being forced to make impossible decisions. Does she leave children behind to die? Or does she stay and attempt to protect them? That’s not a decision she should have to make, but she does because Joe Biden is a complete failure as president.

The point is that this is a deadly serious situation. It is not funny to make light of the ongoing suffering by popping off at reporters with smart-alec remarks instead of just answering basic questions. None of this is a joke, and that Biden is treating it as one is more proof he’s unqualified to hold the office he holds.

Let’s also pay attention to the fact that his handlers simply can’t protect him anymore. They tried to cut the audio but the president’s remarks got out anyway. Biden may not be in control of his own administration, but those who are can’t keep him in line. His mental state is becoming more of a liability, with him being five hours late for a presser yesterday only to show up half-alive being one of the latest examples.


None of this is normal. None of it should be treated as normal. The only reason this isn’t a major scandal is that Biden has the right letter next to his name.


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