Biden Busted for Claiming yet Another Unbelievable Story

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Is there a psychological name for the disorder that Joe Biden has where he just constantly makes up things out of whole cloth whenever he’s speaking to and trying to pander to a group? Or do we just call it what it is — part of his being a sociopath, unable to stop his crazy lying?


Biden was in Idaho for an event about trying to stop the wildfires in the area. During the event, Biden claimed that his “first job offer” came from a local Idaho lumber company, Boise Cascade.

From NY Post:

“I used to tell Frank Church this, I got a — my first job offer, where I wanted — my wife, deceased wife and I wanted to move to Idaho because we — not a joke — it’s such a beautiful, beautiful state. And I interviewed for a job at Boise Cascade,” Biden said.

He added: “And in the meantime there was a war going on. Anyway. But the whole point was that I used to always kid Frank.”

Unfortunately for Biden, the company was honest and said that this was news to them.

Boise Cascade spokeswoman Lisa Tschampl told The Post, “We have no record of President Biden’s application or of him having worked for the company. “

Tschampl said that “we checked our system internally and nothing has turned up.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Post was unable to locate any prior record of Biden mentioning the company — including in news clippings archived by the Nexis and Factiva databases.

Biden’s 2007 memoir “Promises to Keep” does not mention the company or a desire to move to Idaho.


Of course not, because it’s completely unbelievable. It’s incredibly unlikely given his Delaware-centered career and nothing at all to do with him being a lawyer. Since he married his wife in law school, it’s highly unlikely he’d be looking for a random job working for a lumber company and not a legal position.

But this is a problem he’s had since he’s been in public life — he just can’t stop lying and he’s been lying for decades. He had to drop out of his first run for president in the 1988 race when he was caught plagiarizing and lying about his academic background.

It’s like him driving an 18 wheeler, hitting a home run in the Congressional baseball game back in the 70s, being a coal miner, getting arrested trying to meet with Nelson Mandela, marching for civil rights, going to the Tree of Life synagogue after the mass murder there — just to name a few of the lies he’s spun over the years.

He just can’t seem to stop making things up. It’s a sickness with him and the problem is it’s not just about puffing himself up to pander to people like this, it’s about lying on critical things like Afghanistan and even trying to make the former president of Afghanistan lie, too. It’s a danger to our national security to have this man in office and sooner or later, if he isn’t removed, it could put us in an even graver situation than what he did in Afghanistan.



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