Ted Cruz Reports From the Border as Shocking, Must-See Videos Expose a National Security and Humanitarian Disaster

AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner

While Nicki Minaj and “swollen testicles” are still trending on social media, a far more important story is unfolding in real-time at the Southern border. Over 10,000 illegal immigrants have now gathered under a Del Rio, TX bridge, leading to horrific conditions and a complete overwhelming of the Border Patrol.


Sen. Ted Cruz arrived at the border and is now helping expose what is happening. The videos are, in a word, shocking. They show a refugee camp that looks like something you’d expect to see in Syria, not in the United States.

As Cruz points out, this is wholly created by the Biden administration and there’s no way to pretend this isn’t a crisis any longer. Illegal immigrants are simply marching across the river and there is nowhere near enough manpower to deal with them. Reports are that Border Patrol doesn’t even have the porta potties needed to maintain some basic semblance of hygiene. That’s leading to conditions that resemble how people live in the slums of Haiti.

And speaking of Haiti, it seems like a lot of these illegal immigrants are from the battered nation, which recently experienced another natural disaster.


My question is how exactly are so many able-bodied men getting to Mexico to then rush the US border? Why are we even allowing them to? Where’s the National Guard? Where’s Joe Biden (well, we know he’s on vacation again)? The distance by boat is substantial so you have to assume they are flying. But who is playing for the flights? And why have we not worked out a deal with Mexico yet to cut the influx off at the head?

There are so many issues at play here, and it’s vital that leaders like Cruz keep speaking out because far too many Republicans are scared to speak the truth for fear of being criticized. The Texas Senator also noted that Biden stopped deportation flights as a response to the Haitian surge, causing what we are seeing right now.

This can’t continue, and this certainly represents a new level of lawlessness on the border. It’s one thing to have individuals streaming across at different points in the desert. It’s another to have a full-scale breach of a US entry point where people are gathering in refugee camps. This is not how our immigration system is supposed to operate, and eventually, some really bad things are going to occur if they haven’t already.


We need a president willing to suck it up, take responsibility, and take decisive action to stem the tide. Unfortunately, we have a mental invalid who is heading to the beach again for a long weekend. As a result, things are likely to only get worse.



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