US CENTCOM Does Friday Afternoon News Dump of Huge 'Mistake' in Killing Family, Not ISIS

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Joe Biden’s administration is really a clown car of disaster.

They’ve finally been forced to admit how much they screwed up the second drone strike they did during the withdrawal from Kabul — the one they claimed initially was an attempted “ISIS” attack on the airport but in which they killed an aid worker and his family members including several children.


U.S. CENTCOM is now admitting there was no ISIS terrorist taken out at all. Gen. Frank McKenzie acknowledged that they just killed innocent civilians, that it was a “mistake.”

McKenzie claimed they targeted the aid worker’s car because he was driving the type of car they had been tipped off about and went to a building that they believed was an ISIS-K-associated building. They surveilled him and others loading jugs into the car. The jugs as we know now were water jars that he was taking to different buildings to help people suffering from a water shortage.


They’re looking into giving the families some money.

This actually shows how troublingly little they needed to kill ten people — color of the car and contact with the building? Will anyone be held responsible? Doesn’t sound like it.


So if this was supposed to be evidence of their strike capability and it went so wrong, what does this say about that capability? Great question.

But again, just as here, how do we actually know they conducted a “very successful drone strike” with the alleged retaliatory strike two days earlier. They refuse to name the people involved there and have provided no information about the strike. So just as with this second strike which they were ultimately forced to admit after the reporting showed they were wrong, how do we know they even got any ISIS people there and not just some other poor innocent people?

When asked, McKenzie also didn’t name who ordered the strike.


Now, how politicized has even the military become under Joe Biden? We’ve known these basic facts since August — I reported on it then, how the facts indicated there was no real secondary explosion as the U.S. was claiming so there was no “terrorist with explosives” —  just the family taken out.

But now we’re hearing it on a Friday afternoon, when Joe Biden has already taken off for the beach and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki isn’t having a briefing because of that. So it will get the least attention from the American people possible and hopefully, the news will die over the weekend, they think.

This is just unconscionable.


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