Willie Brown: My Column on My Affair With Kamala Probably Didn't Help Her Politically

Willie Brown is the gift that keeps on giving.

The man widely regarded as a kingmaker in California Democratic party politics weighed in on the presidential campaign of Senator Kamala Harris in a February 2nd column.


It started out mildly enough, with tepid criticism about the California Senator’s Iowa town hall meeting, which was televised on CNN:

In the final quarter, however, her focus seemed to fade — and that’s when she stepped in it, flippantly dismissing the concerns of people who like their private health insurance and aren’t enthusiastic about replacing it with government-run Medicare for All.

Her “let’s move on” line sounded a lot like, “Get over it.” It was a slip that instantly went national.

But just a few paragraphs in, Brown once again talked about the the subject that She Who Must Be Obeyed wants everyone to ignore:

And I must admit, I was no help to Harris on the national front.

“Sure, I dated Kamala Harris. So what?” I thought that little item would put the issue to rest.

Not quite.

Six months ago, it would have been just a chuckle among us locals. Harris’ emergence at the front of the presidential pack turned it into something that pundits from here to the Beltway parsed from every angle.

Did I say that besides me helping her, she helped me? I honestly don’t think I would have made it through my first grueling run for mayor without her smarts and support.

She loved me, and I loved me. It was a perfect relationship.

Now she’s happily married to a great guy. And if she gets elected, I’ll probably have to leave the country.


Gee, ya think?

By the way, does anyone reading this seriously think Brown really thought that column would put this issue “to rest”? Come on. He knew what he was doing. He loves attention and talking about Harris brings a lot of it in his direction.

And to escalate matters, his column from this past Saturday took shots at the 2020 Democratic presidential field – and found it lacking:

If he carefully picks his fights, Trump can turn the light back on Democrats and force us to defend our progressive wing’s “socialist” positions like health care for all, housing for all and guaranteed income.

Our candidates will have to pull further and further to the left to satisfy the party’s activist constituency, much like Republicans did in response to the rise of the Tea Party, and probably with the same results.

Our congressional efforts in 2018 benefited from Republican candidates’ inability to defend their relationship with Trump. But Trump can defend his relationship with himself very effectively.

Let’s just hope Democrats can figure out that we need to go beyond the left and motivate voters across the board, just as midterm congressional campaigns did under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership.

We know we can win California and New York. The question is: Can we win the states we lost in 2016, or do we preach to the choir in an empty church?


At the rate Brown’s going, and knowing Harris’s penchant for going after political enemies with a vengeance (which also might have been the case here), he might want to go ahead and start packing those bags and make arrangements to leave the country now.

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