NYT Columnist Paul Krugman Goes off Deep End With Latest Attempt at Gaslighting the BLM Riots

As we’ve noted numerous times here, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is that stereotypical smug, effete liberal writer who thinks he knows absolutely everything and believes he can run circles around conservatives in a debate, but in reality proves just the exact opposite every single time he opens his mouth.


It was the Trump era especially that sent him over the edge, including the various, unhinged economic predictions he made that aged poorly, that time he oddly attempted to differentiate between “brands of anti-Semitism” (as if there was a difference?), and that time he bizarrely bashed elderly Floridians during the pandemic by calling them “white supremacist” Trump supporters whom he claimed would soon face the reality of the coronavirus.

Like many liberals in his position, Krugman lives in a total bubble, where reality is not allowed to penetrate. This was proved beyond a shadow of a doubt back in September, when he proclaimed that the riots that were taking place in Democrat-run cities like Portland and New York City were “non-existent” because he was able to go for morning runs without spotting a single trace of any members of Antifa. For those who missed it, here were his exact words:

He was, of course, gaslighting about the riots then, and he’s gaslighting now. Take a look at the tweet he posted yesterday claiming that “the people actually living in” the cities that had experienced rioting had not actually noticed them, insinuating that the GOP was just making the riots up, despite the fact that they did indeed happen to the tune of $1-$2 billion in economic damage/losses:


Considering Krugman’s penchant for just completely ignoring any inconvenient facts that interfere with his narratives, as well as the fact that his employer, too, has tried to revise the history of last year’s Antifa/BLM-led riots, no one should be surprised to see him try to pass off his claims as truth. Well, they might be “his truth,” but in no way do they match actual reality.

Here’s the reality: $1 to $2 billion in riot damage and along with it the hopes and dreams of many business owners in those communities, not to mention the personal losses — cars, homes, etc. There was the disturbing, Animal Farm-style lawlessness that took place in the Seattle “CHAZ” encampment which included drugs, violence, and murder. There were the riots out west where law enforcement officers were partially blinded as the result of tactics used by Antifa members. There were also all the instances where rioters marched into neighborhoods, terrorizing residents and trying to intimidate public officials into doing what they demanded they do by camping out on their doorsteps.


I’m sure I left some things out, but I believe the point has been made.

But, hey, none of this is impacting Paul Krugman’s morning runs, so I guess all is well in the world, right?

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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