Portland Antifa Rioters Swarm Residential Streets During Anti-Capitalism Demonstration

Portland Antifa Rioters Swarm Residential Streets During Anti-Capitalism Demonstration


On Saturday, far-left agitators in Portland, Oregon held a demonstration that quickly turned into a riot. Participants started by targeting businesses during their march, but then transitioned into a residential area. 

Breitbart News reported that local law enforcement labeled the demonstration as a riot. 

From Breitbart:

“The Portland Police Bureau declared a demonstration that turned violent Saturday night to be a riot. The declaration followed the smashing of windows of multiple businesses in northeast Portland during a ‘Capitalism is Scary’ march.”

The radical leftists moved from a business district in northeast Portland to a residential area after law enforcement made the riot declaration. Black bloc demonstrators affiliated with the Antifa movement marched through the neighborhood, turning over trashcans and screaming at residents. 

Footage of the rioting shows people dressed in black escaping from police and moving into the residential district. Twitter users posted a video of the incident: 

As the Antifa activists marched, police followed, clearing the debris that the rioters dumped into the street. At one point, the operatives tried to form a blockade to slow down the officers following them.  

Police moved in behind them and began clearing debris dumped into the streets by the rioters.

The officers continued to remove the trash from the street as they pushed the rioters out of the neighborhood. 

Only days before Election Day, the nation has prepared for widespread rioting that is sure to occur should President Trump win re-election. But this particular story shows that even if former Vice President Joe Biden were to become the next president, the rioting is not likely to abate anytime soon. 

Radical leftist extremist groups like Antifa are not concerned with who occupies the Oval Office; these people hate both Republicans and Democrats. Their ideology is a far-left Marxist belief system that wishes to dismantle the American government and rebuild it in their own image. There is no mollifying them or looking for areas of compromise. 

Until law enforcement in cities like Portland and Seattle crack down on these operatives, the rioting will only continue. Even worse, they could result in more fatalities as these people are allowed to engage in violence without fear of punishment. 


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