BLM Rioters Terrified Elderly Woman When They Attacked Her Home, Get Called Out by Trump Supporter

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas
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Apartment damaged in Wauwatosa

As we reported last night, BLM rioters rampaged in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin last night, smashing up businesses but the mob also went after private homes and smashed windows as well.


This came after a finding that there would be no prosecution of a police officer in the death of Alvin Cole.

I wanted to do a follow up with more detail about the reaction of the residents to what happened there.

The owner of the apartment complex that was attacked told Townhall’s Julio Rosas that four people lived in one of the complexes attacked but only one was home at the time, a 70 year old woman.

“She was in her bedroom and her front window got smashed…she screamed, she started crying. She called me, by the time I got here…she couldn’t stop shaking. I ended up loading her up into my vehicle and driving her to her sister’s house in Grafton in hopes she would get some rest because I knew she wouldn’t get rest here overnight,” he explained.

Jeff, who has owned the building since 1999, said the other tenants had chosen to spend the night elsewhere. He was still assessing the damage, but an estimated $10,000 worth of damage was done to the apartment.

“I understand the right to protest, I’m completely behind that. But when you damage somebody’s residence, you’ve gone too far, it’s not a protest anymore,” Jeff said.


Rosas also interviewed another man who told the BLM rioters to get off his property because some were riding motorbikes over his lawn and causing burnouts. He yelled at them saying they didn’t even know who they were harassing or whether any of the people supported them. He tried to reason with them but they weren’t for any reasoning.

While Jason Fritz had guns in his home, he was concerned about how that might be viewed in media if he ended up having to shoot someone and he didn’t want to escalate the situation.

“I got to have people here that look at me and mock me because I own a house having no idea the struggle I went through to get this house. How I haven’t had a vacation in 14 years so I could save up after my wife [had] a bankruptcy, adopting a child with special needs,” Fritz said, adding he believes black lives do matter but he does not support the Black Lives Matter organization since its founders are proud Marxists.

Fritz is a supporter of the president and has been suffering a lot with the virus lockdown affecting his business. He said seeing crowds disrespect the last bit of dignity he worked so hard to achieve really upset him.


“I work really hard for these things and that’s what really upsets me. [My family] went through a lot of financially difficult times, from the time we got engaged all the way to now. We have gone through such trials and tribulations…I know how hard we work to put food on the table, to send our kids to the kind of private school to get them the kind of education we want,” Fritz said.

“I’m not comfortable. I’ve been sitting at home since March, with my business destroyed, with my finances really harmed, with my kids trying to homeschool them,” he continued.

He said that the BLM’s actions like this has changed his liberal neighbors’ views of the BLM.

Unfortunately, the bottom line is the rioters don’t care. All they do care about is themselves and the leftist agenda. They would throw you under the bus in a minute if it served their purposes. They don’t want conversation, they want total capitulation with you under their boot.


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